Lead and Sound Healing

Lead and Sound Healing

Lead and Sound Healing – Let's talk about the “unexpected” link.

(As well, this may help to explain why I now include Sound Healing in my services.)

Lead and other heavy metals can be taken up and stored in the body. 

Source of lead include paint, solder in pipes, ceiling dust, and more! So, it really is so ubiquitous in our environment.

Lead can lead to all sorts health problems…

And we see an array of health issues come about as we age, and this can be due our bones becoming more porous, and therefore stored lead and other toxicants can be released…

Lead is implicated in lowered IQ, fertility issues and the “diseases of ageing.”

I was pondering this as I was deciding what my entry into this year's Volcano Art Prize (hosted by The Lead Education and Abatement Design (LEAD) Group Inc. and Lead-Safe World) – a competition that endeavours to spread lead-safe messages through art.

So what's the link between Lead and Sound Healing?

We have all been exposed to lead (and other toxicants) in our lifetimes.

Our bodies store many of these toxicants… until it can naturally detoxify.

Stress impairs our ability to detoxify.

So, since Sound Healing triggers relaxation, this can result in lowered stress levels.

This in turn frees up the body to detoxify. 

Which can all result in lowering our toxic load – and this could include lead.

So, my entry for the Volcano Art Prize focused on this.

And it was one of the winning entries. 

Here's the mug with the photo I entered and the lead-safe message.

Check out this short explanation…

lead safety

And just for fun! 😉

A big thanks to The LEAD Group, and in particular Elizabeth O'Brien for her amazing work in this area.

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Lead Poisoning: Prevention is Better than Cure

Lead Poisoning: Prevention is Better than Cure

Lead Levels and Lead Poisoning Prevention come to mind every October…

Because #ILPPWA: International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action happens every year in the final week of October.

And 2021 marks the ninth week – thanks to the work of Elizabeth O'Brien, from The LEAD Group.


This year we have a lot to celebrate!

And what better way than to team up with the go-to person for all things lead, Elizabeth O'Brien herself.

Elizabeth has campaigned tirelessly for 30 years.


She is the co-founder of The LEAD Group, which was formed by a trio of parents of lead poisoned children.

This not-for-profit organisation has dedicated itself to preventing lead poisoning and spreading awareness about the risks.

As well, they have created almost 100 fact sheets and an array of solutions sheets which are freely available to help consumers arm themselves.

Which is unfortunately due to the shortfall of policy and guidance from federal government.

lead levels petrol
lead levels paint

Today, we discuss some incredible progress that has been made –

Real wins for health (and the environment).

As well, we discuss WHY  you should care about lead…

Because it isn't only about lowered IQ…

And, of course, some action that you can take.

Important Points to Consider

  • Despite lead now being phased out of petrol, lead dust can still be found around busy roads, in soil and in ceiling dust
  • As discussed, from 1st October 2021 no Australian manufacturer is allowed to add lead to paint (apart from the two exceptions of anti-fouling paints and anti-corrosion primers), paint containing low levels of lead may still be used as tradies and suppliers use up existing stock
  • The best place to start is always with a Blood Lead Level test (for every member of the household) – if the result is not below 1ug/dL, then lead-remediation action needs to be taken
lead levels the toxic effects

I have written a comprehensive Action Pack
called “Getting Ahead of Lead.”

This is available to members of Detox Your Environment Group – a super-affordable membership program where you can access expert advice live!

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Plastic-Free July (and every month)

Plastic-Free July (and every month)

Why Avoid Plastic?

Avoiding plastic has always been something high on my agenda.

When I was a teen and a twenty-something, it was about protecting the environment –

  • not creating waste,
  • minimising the creating of single-use items, and
  • protecting our beautiful planet (in a very general sense)

As I have gotten older, and understood more about the environment and health, it has become even more important.

Here are three really big reasons to avoid plastics.


1. Pollutants from Plastics

Plastic bottles and containers can leach phthalates, xenooestrogens and other pollutant into the food, personal care or cleaning product with them.

This can play havoc with our health, as they interfere with our hormones (“endocrine-disrupting chemicals”).

What is more, they can also effect other animals that are exposed to them.


2. Plastic Polluting

Most of us already know about the piles of plastics in the oceans that form islands…

Our PET bottles, condoms, bags, and so on, all sweep the oceans and accumulate in certain areas.

As well, very small particles can break off plastic items (including synthetic clothing) to form microplastics.

These tiny pieces are a massice problem in the environment.


3. Killing Wildlife

One example is seabirds.

I saw a documentary where seabirds needed humans to help them survive.


Parents were feeding their young plastic that they had “caught” in the oceans…

Of course, the young were not able to digest it…

So it accumulated in their stomachs.

There were three big consequences of this.

a) The presence of the plastics in stomachs of the youing birds could leach endocrine-disrupting chemicals… which might have devastating effects on the species.

b) The birds were not being nourished properly – as plastic isn't food!

c) The baby birds were heavy with all the plastic in their stomachs – which meant that as they headed out to sea, they would not be able to fly, and would then drown.

The scientists would catch the youngsters as they headed to the water…

And get them to vomit out all the plastic.

There was a surprisingly (and alarmingly) large amount of it!

By removing the plastic from their stomachs, they were being given the best chance to survive.


It was truly heartbreaking to see this.

So, what can you do about it?

Join the Challenge –

In my free Facebook group, we are doing a Plastic-Free Challenge.

Consider alternatives to plastic –


Choose Your Tactic

PlasticFreeJuly.org has compiled this great resource – download it here – then review it and choose which ones that you can action.

P.S. This is a great one to involve the kids with 😉

Featured Businesses

Featured Businesses

Discover Our Featured Businesses

Just recently, I ran a competition in my free Facebook group – Healthy (and Safe) Living.

The prize was worth almost $2800!!!

Each of the following businesses donated a product or service that formed this massive prize –

Which was won by one lucky person!

A Big Thanks to these Businesses

These featured businesses were carefully selected by me as they all align closely with Eco Health Solutions values –

And/or offer something that is promotes better health.

Please support them by using their services or products.

kelly & windsor featured businesses

Kelly & Windsor

Kelly & Windsor have been making luxurious alpaca bedding here in Australia for 20 years! 

The prize which they are sharing is a $250 voucher – so you can choose from their online store.

This prize is perfect for you because –

Unlike wool that needs to be chemically treated, alpaca is free from chemicals, non allergenic and durable.

Their products are truly luxurious – and assist with getting a good night’s sleep…

Which is so important in supporting health and healing.

merge health featured businesses

Merge Health

Merge Health is a clinic that offers both conventional and complementary therapies to help clients overcome health obstacles.

Merge Health’s Patient Advocate, Sarah Bakker is sharing a Wellness Kickstarter valued at $200.

This prize is perfect for you because –

The team at Merge Health are well aware of the ways in which our environments can impact upon our health.

This is a great first step to regaining your health.

miche meizner featured businesses

Miché Meizner

Miché Meizner is a transformational coach and energy healer focused on helping people achieve deep self-love and…

Discover their super powers.

The prize that she is sharing is a Cosmic Attunement & Realignment Session valued at $495USD (which is about $650AUD)

This prize is perfect for you because –

Even environmental stressors can throw us out of whack.

Realignment allows for natural processes to take place.

Earth Mother Sound Healing is about supporting wellbeing on all levels by bringing everything back into synch with sound healing instruments.

The prize that is being shared is an online group session for you and your friends – valued at $250.

This prize is perfect for you because –

Stress (emotional AND environmental) can wreak havoc with our health.

Sound Healing sessions trigger the relaxation response…

Allowing the body to heal on many levels.


ultimate balance coaching featured businesses

Ultimate Balance Coaching

Ultimate Balance Coaching is founded by Naisse Dermott.

She works with female entrepreneurs and committed women to make quantum leaps in their results by converting thinking into results.

The prize that she is sharing is a private Coaching session on how to set a worth goal and achieve it – which is valued at $500

This prize is perfect for you because –

When you have a clearly defined goal, it is so much more achievable. 

And when you achieve your goal,

You know you can achieve even more.

ausclimate featured businesses


Ausclimate provides top-quality air purifiers and dehumidifiers for a cleaner, dryer and healthier indoor environment.

This prize is a Compact 4 Stage Air Purifier valued at $349.

This prize is perfect for you because –

Indoor air can be up to 10x more polluted than outdoor air –

And in my professional opinion, an air purifier is a necessity in our modern world.


au naturel featured businesses

Au Naturel Cleaning Services

Au Naturel Cleaning Services was developed to meet the needs of Jessica Colman’s son who has eczema, asthma and severe dust mite allergy.

Au Naturel is a natural yet effective formula that cleans and sanitises all surfaces in a home…

With a fresh scent (from essential oils) –

And it won’t leave behind nasty chemicals. 

This prize is a Complete Bundle valued at $50

This prize is perfect for you because –

A clean home is so important for health. 

And clean products (ie chemical-free) are essential to caring for our planet and everything on it.

hysteric fairy fine art featured businesses

Hysteric Fairy Fine Art

Hysteric Fairy Fine Art is owned by artist Jennie Culic –

Who describes her work as whimsical, colourful and spontaneous.

Jennie's first love and passion is painting but she has also fallen in love with fused and flameworked art glass. 

The prize that she is sharing is a “Fun with Fusing” Class for you and a friend, which is valued at $250.

This prize is perfect for you because –

Not only is it fun,

But expressing yourself through art can really shift things on so many levels.


experts together featured businesses

Experts Together

Experts Together was founded by Kyle Moss – a Joyful Mindset Coach.

She provides vibrant mindset coaching & consulting services for ambitious women seeking to live with more clarity, confidence, and daily contentment –

No matter what their circumstances.

The prize being shared is a 1-hour Joy Mindset Coaching session valued at $250 

This prize is perfect for you because –

Having a joyful mindset (or lifestyle) can powerfully transform your life.

eco health solutions featured businesses

Eco Health Solutions

Eco Health Solutions helps people to maintain their health –

By identifying and eliminating hidden health hazards…

Such as mould, EMF/EME, allergens, heavy metals and more.

The prize being shared is a 1-month Trial Membership of Detox Your Environment Inner Circle for you and a friend – valued at $394.

This prize is perfect for you because –

You will get support and guidance on how to detoxify your home to ensure that your home supports your health… 

What’s more, you can do it with a friend!

Time for New Habits

Time for New Habits

The end of the year is a time when we look to create new habits.

We reflect back on the year that we have had.

And decide what we would like to do differently.

Do you do that?

I do.

I love this practice and tend to do it way more often.

Here’s are 5 new habits that support health!

New Habit 1: Turn Off the Tech

Research shows that evening use of devices containing LED lights in their screens can have a large effect on our wellbeing.

Research out of Israel by Green, et al., discovered that 2-hours of evening exposure to these screens resulted in:

  • Increased waking through the night,
  • Poorer quality sleep, and
  • Suppressed melatonin production.

The effects were also seen the following day, with:

  • Increased sleepiness,
  • A decrease in the ability to concentrate, and
  • Reduced accuracy

Sleep in incredibly important not only for your mood and ability to concentrate, but also for your health and ability to tolerate environmental stressors.

So, when can you turn off the tech?

Habit #2: Easy & Breezy

Did you know that the air inside our homes can be 5-10 times more polluted than outdoors?

This is due to all sorts of reasons, from what we bring into our homes, to what our homes are made of, how we cook and what our pots and pans are made of…

And that is just for starters.

When we add pesticides, cleaning products and scented reeds into the mix, we are really cooking up a storm!

Then we’re there.

Breathing, eating, using the bathroom…

Sweating (or “perspiring” 😉 for those who don’t sweat), cooking, sleeping…

Everything we bring into our homes can affect the quality of the indoor air.

If our home is nicely energy efficient, it is very likely that it is well-sealed, keeping the indoor air in, and the outdoor air out.

This can lead to a build-up of volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, house dust mites, mould spores, combustion gases and more.

To make matters worse, if you never exchange the air in your home…

It never gets diluted.

And –

That is how the indoor air can be so much worse than the outdoor air.

Where in your day can you open your windows and doors?


Habit #3: Healing Naturally

I always see nature as our baseline…

The ideal to which we strive…

The harmony and balance of nature is so supportive and healing.

The Japanese embrace this through their practise of Shinrin Yoku – or “forest bathing.”

The idea is that you wander out into nature, ideally under a canopy of trees, and sit or lay there for at least an hour.

I see so many benefits of this…

  1. You get to breathe fresh natural air, instead of indoor air
  2. Being in nature in this way can allow you to discharge accumulated EMF – it is a form of grounding
  3. I suspect that the air you breathe is full of natural antimicrobials – let’s face it, trees survive in a forest because of their natural antimicrobials
  4. If you do this free from devices, it can be deeply relaxing, which can be incredibly healing
  5. It can help us to reconnect with nature – which traditionally we have always been well aware of

I have seen research some years ago now, that found that the benefits of one-hour of forest bathing last for 7 days.

So even if you live in the city, you should be able to carve out an hour a week to do this.

Where can you create some time to be in nature?

Habit #4: Be a Labels Sleuth

Whilst there is a lot to learn about reading labels, there is a lot you can learn by doing this.

If you took a moment to review the labels of products as you pick them off the shelf, you might be surprised at what you see.

If I could encourage you to eliminate one ingredient…

It would be fragrance (also listed as perfume or parfum).

By cutting out fragrances, you could reduce your daily chemical exposure dramatically because…

Fragrances require so many chemicals to make them!

There are loads of other ingredients you can omit, too…

But fragrances are the best place to start.

Also, some products don’t necessarily have an ingredients list…

So, this is where you can put your nose to use and have a sniff of it.

Tip: toilet paper and sanitary products are often fragranced…

Instead, you may choose to focus on an ingredient in food.

Which ingredient are you going to target?

eco-health-solutions natural

Habit #5: Need or Want?

When you are about to make a purchase, stop and think:

Do I actually need it?

If not, then consider why you want it.

The goal here is not to accumulate too much “stuff.”

Accumulating can lead to issues in terms of safety (trip-hazards), pests, dust (and house dust mites) and may even become a hygiene issue if cleaning becomes difficult.

We created a rule many years ago that you might like to adapt or adopt…

For every item that we buy, we need to pass on three to charity.

When I do this, I tend to really get into it, and often can fill a large garbage bag with goodies that would benefit from a new home.

It is surprisingly liberating to pass things on to charity…

What can you put in place, so you remember to ask, “Do I really need it?” when making a purchase?

5 New Habits

There you go – there are five new habits to propel you towards a home or workplace that supports your health.

Let me know how you go with them!


Would You Like More Help? Book a Hidden Hazards Hotline Call here >>



A. Green, M. Cohen-Zion, A. Haim & Y. Dagan (2017): Evening light exposure to computer screens disrupts human sleep, biological rhythms, and attention abilities, Chronobiology International, DOI: 10.1080/07420528.2017.1324878