Aluminium Spray Bottle


The Aluminium Spray Bottle is the perfect addition to your cleaning toolkit. Useful for diluting concentrates, or making your own cleaning products.

Also fabulous for Room Sprays (especially in the bathroom).

What I love about the Aluminium Spray Bottle

The Aluminium Spray Bottle is hard to beat.

It is lightweight, durable and not easily damaged.

I've been using them for some years now, particularly because I refuse to use PET bottles.

Whilst PET is recyclable - it is designed to be used just once - it is a single-use item. As such, the plastic is readily broken down and can leach into your product AND add microplastics to our precious oceans.

As well, it is because they're recycled that they are often contaminated - and these contaminants can also make their way into your products.

No, thank you - I say!

It was when I discovered Au Naturel cleaning products (not available at present) that these bottles became my cleaning besties!

I'd mix up a bottle-ful from the concentrate and carry it around with me as I wiped away dirt with microfibre cloths and scrubbing brushes.

I really grew to love them because I found bigger bottles meant more accidents. For me, they're much easier to drop.

Whether you choose to supercharge your cleaning with essential oils, or just water, these bottles are great.

What You Get

Each bottle:

  • Holds 250mL of fluids
  • Has a black spray nozzle
  • Is made from aluminium
  • is lined with cosmetic-grade epoxy resin

I recommend that you only use these bottles for cleaning and/or room sprays - and not for anything cosmetic- or food-related.

Additional information

How many bottles?

1x Bottle, 3-pack