Bamboo Scrubbing Brushes

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Bamboo Scrubbing Brushes are just what nature called for!

They are durable, safe and can even be used on non-stick pans!

Useful for washing the dishes AND cleaning.


What I Love about Bamboo Scrubbing Brushes

What don’t I love about these wonderful Bamboo Scrubbing Brushes? 

They are:

  • Made from bamboo with sisal and coconut palm;
  • Heat resistant;
  • Don’t contain any plastics and they're great for the environment; and
  • Useful for washing up, for cleaning, washing vegetables and can even be used on non-stick pans.

What's amazing is that unlike their plastic counterparts, you could use them to wash warm pots and pans without them melting!

Their handy size means that they're not only useful for washing up but when you’re cleaning, they're small enough to get into nooks and crannies and the corners that are hard to get to with the big brushes. 

The cream Bamboo Scrubbing Brush has sisal for the bristles and this is moderately soft.

The brown Bamboo Scrubbing Brush is made from coconut palm as well as sisal and it's a lot harder.

What Is In It?

The handles are made from bamboo and the bristles are made from either sisal or a combination of sisal and coconut palm.

There are no plastics at all, which I just love. 

The cream bristles are softer than the brown bristles and both are excellent for washing the vegetables, cleaning and washing the dishes.

How to Use Your Bamboo Scrubbing Brushes

TIP: Saving Space – You can tie some string around them so you can hang them on a hook.

Washing the Dishes

Given these brushes have a different level of hardness they are perfect to put in a sequence of cleaning…

When washing up, I would start with the Bamboo Microfibre Cloth.

If something was a bit more stubborn, I'd then use a bit of bicarbonate of soda (bicarb) with the Bamboo Microfibre Cloth. 

Next, would be the cream bristled Bamboo Scrubbing Brush followed by the brown bristled Bamboo Scrubbing Brush.

And then after that, if it’s not a non-stick surface, you could use the Copper Scourer to remove any cooked food.


In terms of cleaning, the brown bristled Bamboo Scrubbing Brush can be used to scrub off those harder-to-remove stains.

Both are great in the bathroom, kitchen and anywhere that needs cleaning.

Because they are small, they are able to get into the crevices that bigger brushes can’t reach.

Washing Vegetables

I would highly recommend the cream Bamboo Scrubbing Brush for this task. 

1 review for Bamboo Scrubbing Brushes

  1. Rae

    I love the brown brush for scrubbing a wooden chopping-board! My cats are raw fed and I’ve found it makes light work of getting all the meat off. Likewise, chopping and juicing lemons; no need to worry about a lingering lemon smell in the board, as it scrubs out completely with this brush.

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