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About Lucinda Curran

Making the World a Better Place

My name is Lucinda Curran. I’ve always had a desire to make the world a better place.

I am solutions-focused to make optimal wellbeing attainable. I draw from a varied toolkit to assist my clients.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

As far back as I can remember, I have always advocated for the planet, animals rights and clean air.

When I was around three years old, I was out walking with my big brother and his neighbour. She was a chain smoker, and I never liked being around her. On this particular day, I asked if I could have a puff of her cigarette. She passed it to me. I took the cigarette, squished it into the footpath, and told her firmly, “Smoking stinks!”

I began my working life as an Early Childhood teacher, and always shared a “green” message and the fact that as humans we need to take action to prevent our planet from being destroyed.

Later in life, my move to the inner city of Melbourne to practice as a Chinese medicine practitioner was catastrophic for my health.

What were mild intolerances to perfumes, car fumes and cigarette smoke soon escalated, and my reactions became debilitating and life threatening.

Yet, my determination never wavered.

I was determined to not only reclaim my health, but to prevent others from becoming sick… and thus began my studies into the ways which our indoor environmental impacts our health and my full-time quest to make the world a safer place.

The link between the environment and the health of the individual was apparent in my clinical work (as a Chinese medicine practitioner) and this was always a natural extension of this work as it is a deeper and more scientific insight into the environmental factors that can adversely affect health.

Obviously, I could embellish this with more detail…

Suffice to say this is why I do what I do!

Will you join me in my mission to make the world a safer place by improving one home or workplace at a time?

Professional Appointments

The LEAD Group / LEAD Safe World

The LEAD Group / LEAD Safe World

Committee Member & Technical Advisory Committee Member The LEAD Group (2016-2017)

Chemical Free Community - About

Chemical Free Community

Advisor to Chemical Free Community (2017-present)

IAQA - About Us


Individual member (2016-2018)

Member of Chapter Subcommittee, Indoor Air Quality Association, Australian Chapter (2016-2017)

Secretary of the IAQA Australian Chapter, Indoor Air Quality Association, Australian Chapter (2017-2018)

ASBB - About


ASBB Practitioner Member (2013-2020)

President (2015)

Treasurer (2013, 2014)

ACES Senior Lecturer - About Us

ACES Senior Lecturer

Water Pollution (2016-2020)

Air Pollution (2016-2020)

Business Skills (2016-2019)

Healthy Home (2016-2018)

EMF Shielding (2016-2020)



Advanced Diploma in Building Biology (ACES)


Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine) (SSNT)


Master of Arts (Macquarie University)


Bachelor of Arts (Macquarie University)


Diploma of Teaching (Macquarie University)


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Certificate IV in Business


Certificate IV in Small Business Management

Public Speaking, Lectures & Training

National Training Weatherproofing and Fire Separation co-presented with: Stephen Kip, SKIP Consulting Jeremy Turner, National Technical Manager @ AIBS February – October 2018

A5M Pre-Conference – The Impact of the Built Environment on Health (Aug 2018)

BOINZ Conference, NZ – Can a Building Really Affect Health? (May 2018)

Australian Institute of Building Surveyors SA Chapter Conference – Mould, Health and the Building Envelope (May 2018)

Australian Institute of Building Surveyors Vic Chapter Conference – Mould, Health and the Building Envelope (Oct 2017)

Australian Institute of Building Surveyors NSW/ACT Chapter Conference – Mould, Health and the Building Envelope (July 2017)

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