Building Biology Audits

Building Biology Audits… better than your average

Have you come here looking for a building biologist or a building biology audit? You have come to the right place.

At Eco Health Solutions, our high-quality building biology audits are known as Indoor Environmental Health AssessmentsTM (or ‘IEHAs’ for short) because they are more than just a healthy home check or a building biology audit. They are:

  • tailored to your needs
  • comprehensive
  • thorough

My national team of expert building biologists can tailor an Indoor Environmental Health AssessmentTM to suit your needs. I have hand-picked my team and they are highly trained, experienced and dedicated, with an eye for detail, and big hearts.

What is "Indoor Environmental Health"?

Simply put, this is anything within our homes or buildings (and our built environment) that impacts our health. This can include water damage and mould, indoor air quality, heavy metals, lighting, drinking water contaminants, allergens, electromagnetic fields and more!

That staggering figure was identified in the State of Knowledge (2001) report – and when you take this into consideration, it becomes increasing clear that our vitality can be supported or hampered by our environments.

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