Building Biology Audits

Building Biology Audits… better than your average

At Eco Health Solutions, our high quality building biology audits are known as Environmental Health AssessmentsTM  because they are more than just a healthy home check or a building biology audit. They are:

  • tailored to your needs
  • comprehensive
  • thorough

My national team of expert building biologists can tailor an Environmental Health AssessmentTM  to suit your needs. I have hand-picked my team and they are highly trained, experienced and dedicated, with an eye for detail, and big hearts.

The team at Eco Health Solutions
 offers the highest quality building biology services,
with the ultimate mission of making the world a safer place for all.


What is Assessed?

The following is the basis of what is assessed in Eco Health Solutions Environmental Health AssessmentTM (EHA).

Please be assured that whatever we identify as a potential hazard will be accompanied by solutions and action steps to mitigate the problem. So, no need to worry as we won’t leave you in the dark!

building biology audits iaq assessed building biology audits emf assessed building biology audits mould assessed

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is assessed for contaminants – such as fragrances; ambient air pollution of the indoor air; off-gassing of furniture, furnishings and finishes; dust and dust mites; building materials and so forth.

Areas that are measured can include (and depend on what is presenting, the history and your concerns)

  • lead and other heavy metals
  • carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, combustion gases
  • VOCs (important in new construction)
  • formaldehyde (important in new construction)
  • particulate matter

There is a vast array of other possible indoor air contaminants to assess, and this may require the hiring of equipment suited to your home, in particular. Please discuss your concerns when booking.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

Using professional specialised equipment, we assess the following forms of EMF in our EHAs audits:

  • ELF AC electric fields
  • ELF AC magnetic fields
  • high frequency powerflux density
  • high frequency transient spikes (aka “dirty electricity”)

From here, solutions are determined – based on lowest cost and highest efficacy.

Shielding may be part of our recommendations, and this is done to high standards and experience from providing shielding options for 5 years for all of Australia’s building biologists.

* Please note that body voltage is rarely used, as it is only useful for assessing ELF AC Electric Fields when someone is laying in bed

Mould and Water-Damage

Water damaged buildings can pose an enormous risk to health. Whether or not mould is visible or you can smell it, it may still be present.

All Mould and Water-Damage assessments include: thorough internal and external visual inspections, in infrared thermal imaging, moisture readings and moisture mapping.

In consultation with you, we may conduct:

  • pre-mould testing (ATP swabs) to ascertain the need for further sampling
  • surface and/or air samples for laboratory analysis

Careful inspection, identification of the causes and logical recommendations are provided.

building biology audits allergens assessed building biology audits lead-and-heavy-metals assessed building biology audits drinking-water assessed


Samples can be taken to assess for a range of allergens, these include:

  • house dust mites
  • cats
  • dogs
  • cockroaches

House dust mites can be tested on the spot.

If all four are to be tested, these are all sent to an approved laboratory.

Lead and Heavy Metals

Lead testing is very important, particularly when working to reduce your blood lead levels.

Samples are collected for laboratory analysis – from ceiling dust, soil, paint chips, house dust and more.

Drinking Water

Depending on your needs, your homes reticulation system and history, water sampling may be conducted.

  • copper (if appropriate)
  • 24 metals
  • other tests may be carried out if required

Tailored to Suit YOUR Needs

Due to our expertise, my team can tailor your EHATM  to suit your needs  – adding in other areas to be assessed, depending upon your circumstances or needs.

We are experienced in writing reports for VCAT and tribunals.

  • Are you a tenant in an uninhabitable environment?
  • Do you need evidence that there is an issue with your building?
  • Is your home new and there are issues because of the build?

We can assess and compile a report to provide you with evidence (readings and/or lab results).

Please contact Lucinda to discuss what you require.


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