Create a Healthy Home or Workplace

Does this sound familiar?
You’ve noticed that your health isn’t what it was.

– You run out of energy, and the tank wasn’t full to begin with. 
– Concentration is difficult and it is hard to focus on the task at hand.
– Each day is a struggle, and a morning coffee doesn’t do the trick any more.
– You have had a swag of tests, and they don’t show too much.
– You’ve been working on your health for so long, but just don’t seem to be able
to get through the glass ceiling.

Something isn’t quite right, and you know it. You’ve begun to realise that when you
are away you feel like your old self and when you return, so do your symptoms.
Does this sound so much like you that you can’t ignore it anymore?


Did you know that most Australians
spend around 90% of their time indoors?

That staggering figure was identified in the State
of Knowledge (2001) report – and when you
take this into consideration, it becomes increasingly
clear that our vitality can be supported or hampered
by our environments.

What is ‘indoor environmental health’?

Indoor Environmental Health is about the way that our built
environment impacts on our health. We are looking at the
environment and surrounds, the building and what it is made
from, and everything within it.

Are these things making you sick?

Here are some of the common problems that we assess:
– Mould
– Water Damage
– Pesticides
– Traffic
– Industry
– Dust
– Heavy Metals
– Phone Towers
– Power Lines
– Allergens
– Wi-Fi
– 5G
… and more

Book a Call to Discuss Your Needs

It could be your home or workplace that is making you sick!

Our national team comes out to your home or workplace
to assess it for what could be making you sick. We are
looking at hidden health hazards, and once identified, our focus is
on effective, inexpensive and appropriate solutions. Worried
that your home or workplace is making you sick?


There is nothing more satisfying than being part of the big change in someone reclaiming their health and life!

I have been involved within my industry as well as allied industries.
Here are some of the ones I that have been involved with…

Here’s some of our popular posts…

Non-Stick Pans
The introduction of non-stick pans has allowed us to use less oil in our cooking, which is great. It is also easy to clean, make it a “tool of choice” for kitchen staff. However there are a number of concerns about these products.
Beds & Bedding
Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to good health. Sleep is the time when our bodies heal and recover from the day, they detoxify and rejuvenate, they reset ready to carry you through another day. 


Perfume Stinks 
Prompted by the discovery of a list of ingredients used in perfumery on the International Fragrance Association, I felt it time to write, about the toxic chemical cocktail used in fragrances and perfumes.


I am Lucinda, the founder and CEO of Eco Health Solutions. It is my mission to make the world a safer place for all who dwell here.

Having experienced the ill-effects of my environment firsthand, I know how important it is to be thorough. Each of my team are sensitive to the environment, too. And this part of why we love what we do so much.



Eco Health Solutions

Could your home or workplace be making you SICK?


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Eco Health Solutions

Could your home or workplace be making you SICK?