EMF Shielding Kit for Onsite Assessors

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EMF Shielding Kit for onsite assessors.

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EMF Shielding Kit for Onsite Assessors

This EMF Shielding Kit is designed for Onsite Assessors.

If you are assessing EMF onsite, then it is essential that you check your shielding options before recommending them to your client.


Because it is easy to get shielding wrong – and shielding done incorrectly can make things worse.

Ethically, it is your responsibility to assess the effectiveness of the shielding you have recommended.

You can either do this after your client has undergone (sometimes) significant expense and effort OR you can do it prior. Assessing its effectiveness prior will save you and your client time and money.

It is for this reason that I have put together this kit.

You can go onsite and check out what you would like to do with shielding and ensure that it is working correctly.

All the components are packed into a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium case that is easy to take onsite with you.

Do the best you can for your clients!

The EMF Shielding Kit contains:

  1. Naturell (shields HF EMF) (~95 x 240 cm)
  2. Carbonised Polyester (NCV95) (attracts ELF electric fields) (95 x 200 cm)
  3. Grounding Cable (4mm diameter copper cable) (300 cm)
  4. Laminated information on both shielding materials
  5. Aluminium case

Want to Learn About EMF Shielding?

If you want to learn more about shielding, I will be putting together some training on this – contact me to let me know that you are interested.


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