Air Tube Headset


The Air Tube Headsets are the newest addition, and obvious extension, to the Eco Health Solutions range of air tubes.

If you work from home, spend a lot of time on calls and/or in online meetings, then these are just what you need!

These mono Air Tube Headsets have good sound quality and are useful for phone calls, and are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Suitable for computers, mobile phones, music players, tablets, phones and more.

They reduce your exposure to EMF.

If you want to buy these in bulk for your team, please contact me to discuss your needs.

Air Tube Headset - Why I Love It

The Air Tube Headset are perfect for longer term use. I am not a fan of sticking the buds of earphones into my ears - I find them irritating, and have always preferred headphones for this reason.

The Headset is comfortable for long periods of time.

I use mine on all of my calls with clients and for meetings.

I do also use them with my iPhone so that I can have the phone on the other side of my shielded case and be safe while I use it (which is rare).

What is it?

Here are the specs for Air Tube Headset.

  • Plastic, stainless steel and anodised aluminium components
  • 3.5mm plug or USB plug
  • <2 meter-long cable
  • The last 24 cm is a plastic tube allowing sound to travel to your ears without wires - this creates distance from the wiring, an important step in reducing exposure (reducing your exposure to EMF)
  • Mono (If you are looking for something in stereo - check out these)

More Details About Air Tube Headset

  • The wires that are present (in the lower portion) are shielded (reducing your exposure to EMF)
  • The loudspeaker is not magnetic (reducing your exposure to EMF)
  • The microphone is passive, ie it is a receiver and does not emit (reducing your exposure to EMF)
  • The entire length of the durable cable from plug to headset is close to 2 metres! There is a curly cord section, which keeps the cable tidy, but can easily stretch out to allow you to move about AND be a significant distance from your phone or other device (reducing your exposure to EMF)
  • The microphone improves the sound of your voice by "focusing" on your voice and not the sounds all around
  • They are lightweight
  • The T-shaped end is padded (it rest against the head)
  • The microphone angle is adjustable, and has a 330 degree range of movement
  • The ear cushion is high quality, long-wearing, is comfortable - and there is even a spare one in the box!
  • The headband is stainless steel and flexibly adjusts to fit most heads

How To Care for Your Air Tube Headset

Be gentle with them... 

Don't toss them in a bag and knock them around.

Additional information

Choose your connection

USB, 3.5 mm plug


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