Hygrometer with Battery-Operated Alarm Clock Combo

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A hygrometer is a must-have for those looking to create a healthy indoor environment. 

Team it with a battery-operated alarm clock, and you are on a winner!

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  • Hygrometer - Alarm Clock - Why I Love It

    Oh! Hygrometer - Alarm Clock, how I love thee! 😉

    This is one of my favourite items in store. I actually give one to every single client, as it is a must have in any indoor environment.

    Not only does it allow you to monitor relative humidity levels (we are aiming for 40-60% with 50% being ideal), but you can also use it as an alarm clock! 


    That’s right. You can actually ditch your phone (turn it off, the whole shebang) and use this to get you out of bed each day.

    I literally get so excited talking about this product, that I could go on forever singing its praises. Instead, I am going to point you towards some posts that elaborate on my main points.

    Check these out:

    This is one of the most ideal things you can invest in (and what a bargain it is!).

    • Reduce your EMF exposure while you sleep by using this as your battery-operated alarm clock (you can now turn off your smartphone and unplug the clock radio)
    • You can monitor your indoor relative humidity levels (and decide when is the best time to open up the windows)
    • You can keep an eye on the temperature

    What Is It?

    Summarising What It Does

    • A battery operated (so no AC ELF EMF)
    • It is a clock and alarm clock
    • Shows you the relative humidity
    • Tells you what the temperature is
    • Displays the date 


    1. Large LCD display
    2. Multi-function: indoor temperature display, indoor humidity display and time display
    3. Memory of maximum and minimum values
    4. 12-hour OR 24-hour display - you can choose what you prefer
    5. Can be switched from celcius to farenheit
    6. Clock, date and calendar (month and date)
    7. Everyday alarm function
    8. Can be placed on a table/shelf or hung on the wall
    9. High stability & accuracy


    • Temperature range: Indoor & Outdoor -50 ~ +70 °C  (-58 ~ +158°F)
    • Humidity range: 10% ~ 99% RH
    • Power supply: 1x AAA size battery
    • Device dimension: 10 x 90 x 20 mm

    How to Use It

    The Hygrometer - Alarm Clock is very simple to use - just set it up how you would like it, and place it in the room you want to monitor.

    It is ideal to use to determine whether you are better off opening windows or keeping them closed.

    You can also use it to help other household members understand how much moisture they create. For example, when showering and not using the extractor fan.


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