Hygrometer with Battery-Operated Alarm Clock Combo

This is the most ideal thing you can invest in, from a building biology perspective!

  • Reduce your EMF exposure while you sleep by using this as your battery-operated alarm clock (you can now turn off your smart phone and unplug the clock radio)
  • You can monitor your indoor relative humidity levels (and decide when is the best time to open up the windows)
  • You can keep an eye on the temperature


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Hygrometer with Battery-Operated Alarm Clock Combo

This, to a building biologist, is the ultimate must-have device – a hygrometer with a battery-operated alarm clock!

  • it is battery operated (so no AC ELF EMF)
  • it is a clock and alarm clock
  • it measures relative humidity
  • it measures temperature
  • it also acts as a calendar


  1. Large LCD display, multi-function.
  2. Indoor temperature display, indoor humidity display and time display.
  3. Memory of maximum & minimum values.
  4. 12-hour OR 24-hour displaying system selectable.
  5. Can be switched from celcius to farenheit.
  6. Clock, date and calendar function (month and date).
  7. Everyday alarm function.
  8. Can be placed on a table/shelf or hung on the wall.
  9. High stability & accuracy.


  • Temperature range: Indoor & Outdoor -50 ~ +70  °C  (-58 ~ +158°F)
  • Humidity range: 10% ~ 99% RH
  • Power supply: 1x AAA size battery
  • Device dimension: 10x90x20mm

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