Essential Oil Diffuser

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This handy Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect for the car and the office, and is considered a “personal diffuser.”

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Essential Oil Diffuser - Why I Love It

This Essential Oil Diffuser is absolutely fabulous! It is designed to be used at your desk or in the car. It has both a USB plug and a "car lighter" extension.

I chose this model as it is considered a "personal diffuser" - meaning that it won't scent the entire office or home, but it is enough to fill your breathing zone.

This makes it ideal for diffusing essential oils that meet your personal needs, without affecting everyone in your space.

I love that they were completely safe for use around children because you can't spill hot wax from candles or hot water - neither are needed!

Also, they are safe to leave unattended because they don't overheat and are not even too hot to touch.

This means that you can plug them in and add your oils... And if you do forget about them, it's not a problem, as they don't overheat.

What Is In It?

The Essential Oil Diffuser is a small plastic diffuser, with plugs to suit both USB and the car lighter.

What you get:

  • Diffuser (plugged it, it stands about 7cm high)
  • Car lighter extension
  • 3x essential oil pads

Be aware, these scent a small area - more like your desk, not the entire workplace.


  • Size: 4.5 x 11.8 cm
  • Weight: 115g
  • Colour: white
  • Power: USB or car lighter
  • Switch: on-off switch

How To Use It Your Essential Oil Diffuser

Simply unscrew the silver ring at the top (this is quite loose), add a couple (literally 1-2 drops is fine) to the pad, replace the silver ring, plug in and turn on (there's a switch on the side).

It can be used as pictured, in a USB hub and also in the "car lighter" plug.

Note - because the silver ring is loose, it can fall off if the diffuser is horizontal, so I recommend always having it upright.

Please note that these essential oil diffusers are a lot gentler than the ones that require water. That is because it is using heat to gently disperse the essential oils rather than spurting them into the air and into the room.

Additional information


White, Green (also suitable for melts)


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