Worry Dolls


Worry Dolls are a traditional friend in Guatemala.

These small dolls become your confidant.

Each night before you go to sleep, so the tradition goes, you confide all of your worries to your worry doll. The doll is then placed under your pillow. It is said that the worries are gone by the morning. 🙂

Although these are not toys, I would suggest that they are not suitable for children under the age of 8 years.

Worry Dolls - Why I Love Them

I first came across Worry Dolls back in the early 1990s. I was teaching in an early childhood centre (3-5 year olds) at the time, and got myself a Worry Doll hair clip which I would wear to work. The children were very fond of them and we would tell them our troubles. We all developed a strong love for Worry Dolls.

These dolls have been a part of Guatemalan traditional culture for a long time! Guatemalans are taught to offload all of their worries to their Worry Doll before going to sleep. The doll is then placed under the pillow... and on waking, it is said that the worries are gone!

I love this tradition.

The idea of clearing your head before going to sleep is just perfect - and would make for a peaceful nights' sleep.

That may be the secret - with a good nights' sleep, everything is much more manageable... Or maybe these little dolls really do have special powers??

What are they?

They are small dolls that you tell all your woes to before going to bed. 

Although these have been categorised, you could easily choose the ones you like best.

These dolls are hand made in Guatemala, and each one is different.

How to use them

You simply sit quietly with your Worry Doll before going to bed and tell him/her all of your problems, woes and worries. 

You then put your Worry Doll under your pillow and head off to sleep, allowing your worries to disappear.

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Worry Dolls

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