Shungite is a carbonaceous stone/crystal that many people with sensitivities to electromagnetic fields find protective in environments which they cannot control.



Shungite pieces are in their natural form – they have not been tumbled. Each piece is irregularly shaped and have natural variances and lines within them. They are natural and therefore “imperfect.”

Pieces vary in weight and shape.

  1. “20g” = 20-29g
  2. “30g” = 30-39g
  3. “40g” = 40-49g
  4. “50g” = 50-59g

Due to their carbon content, they are “messy” to handle – a bit like drawing with charcoal, they make your hands black (NOTE it is easy to wash this off). They are supplied in a colourful drawstring bag.

This is Russian Shungite.


Cyril W Smith, author of Electromagnetic Man, did some research into its efficacy and concluded that


Potential Benefits

Shungite can block bio-effects of computers, mobiles and other electronic devices. It should also block the effects of fields associated with “Smart Meters” particularly if the Shungite is immersed in water (and sealed in plastic for safety). An 8 gm piece of Shungite in air had a coherence length of 45 cm but, if immersed in water this extended to ~18 metres!


A living system is a system constantly adapting to its environment. This results in diminishing returns for any therapy frequency. Users may think they are being protected all the time and against all electromagnetic fields thereby getting a false sense of security and encouraging overuse/abuse. Of particular concern are the body field frequencies of a person using a device while stressed. These could become imprinted in the Shungite and subsequently trigger those stresses. Shungite will take up an imprint of an environmental frequency either by succussion or by proximity. Shungite which had been lying on a WiFi router for a long while had acquired an imprint of 2.45 GHz. Shungite protection should be erased a regular intervals. This can be done by briefly placing the Shungite in a closed steel box to remove the stabilising geomagnetic field.

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  1. I am not sensitive enough to EMF to personally feel a difference, and this is not something I can measure with my professional EMF equipment.
  2. I NEVER advocate using something like this INSTEAD OF reducing exposure – these are “add-ons.” I am stocking these for those who are sensitive who have done everything within her/his control to reduce their EMF exposure, yet are still experiencing symptoms and/or for those going into environments (short term) where they cannot control their EMF exposure.

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20g, 30g, 40g, 50g