Organic Cotton Mesh Bags – 100% Organic


At last! Eco-friendly GOTS certified Organic Cotton Mesh Bags.

The wait for great bags is finally over.

Organic Cotton Mesh Bags - Why I Love It

Organic Cotton Mesh Bags are 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

It is an eco-friendly bag - every one of these mesh bags saves the planet from 1000 plastic bags. That is so cool, right?

I love that they are mesh - which means you can buy your food in them and then pop them straight into the fridge. Simple. Organised.

I searched for quite a while until I found these beauties. They are double-stitched and made with care, and are strong and durable.

It is so awesome that they come in three sizes - making them great not only for groceries, but also for storing toys, organising drawers, as a wash bag when travelling, and more!

I also really like that the tag says the maximum weight that they can hold - which is handy as it means you have less chance of overloading it, and causing damage.

They have a drawstring on the top, which is held closed with a stainless steel clasp, meaning it won’t rust over time.

Something else I love is that they are in 3-packs which makes them super affordable.

I say, time to say goodbye to plastic bags once and for all!

What is in it?

Each pack contains 5 bags.


  • Small is 30 x 20 cm - contains 5 bags!
  • Medium is 30 x 35 cm - contains 5 bags!
  • Large is 30 x 43 cm - contains 5 bags!

Each bag:

  • Is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, which is unbleached as well.
  • Has a stainless steel clasp to hold the drawstring closed.
  • Has a tag on the side to let you know the maximum weight it can hold.

Just fabulous!!

How to use your Organic Cotton Mesh Bag

Firstly, wash it when you get it.

Important rule: never wash any cotton item in hot water because it will shrink.

Ideally use a natural fragrance-free laundry powder.

Take it to the store to buy your goods. Then pop them straight in the fridge when you get them home.

Additional information

Organic Cotton Mesh Bags

Small (5 bags), Medium (5 bags), Large (5 bags), One Pack of Each (S,M+L) (that's 15 bags)


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