Travel Cup

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Finally a glass Travel Cup that won't burn your hands!

This gorgeous Travel Cup was hand-made for Eco Health Solutions.

It is double-walled glass – meaning it will keep your drink hotter for longer, and won't burn your hands.

It is made from borosilicate glass – meaning that it can withstand temperature changes without cracking.

It is lead-free – so it won't be leaching lead into your drink!

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Travel Cup – Why I Love It

This Travel Cup is what I drink from all day every day… and makes a worthy gift.

I live in a cafe district and it breaks my heart watching people get about with disposable cups. I often see locals bringing back trays of coffee for their households in these. 

I searched and researched and designed and planned until I found a manufacturer that could make something that met all of my criteria! 

When it is so easy to make a simple change that is beneficial on so many levels, I really see no other option! 🙂

There are a lot of cups in this genre around. I have tried many and also read independent reviews on the pros and cons of all of them.

I decided glass was truly the best option for you as well as for the planet. But I didn’t want anyone burning their hands.

This is what I bring to you – with such pride!

What is in it?

Facts about this gorgeous Travel Cup:

  • 400 mL – a decent size to drink from
  • double walled glass –  to keep your drink at the right temperature AND to make sure you don’t burn your hands
  • lead-free borosilicate glass – so that lead doesn’t leach into your drink and the glass can withstand temperature changes
  • Mouth-blown and hand-made – especially for Eco Health Solutions
  • bamboo lid with silicone seal – this is a great option for the lid as it seals well, but isn’t laden with plastic. Silicone remains inert as long as it is not heated
  • microwave safe – ‘tho I prefer you not to use a microwave for other reasons!
  • added: silicone sleeve – you can fit this to your Travel Cup for extra grip or to differentiate your cup from someone else's (they come in cherry and green). I do recommend using it – it is just that bit safer

How to Use It

Simply make your own drinks at home in it, or take it to your barista.

The bamboo lid seals well to prevent spillage in transit.

I recommend the silicone sleeve to improve grip.



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