Cable Ties

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Cable Ties can decrease magnetic fields from cables, particularly where you would normally have a “spaghetti pile” of them under a desk or in a corner.

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Cable Ties - Why I Love Them

Cable Ties are velcro strips with limitless uses.

I think I have a penchant for anything that allows for creativity. Not only are these useful for their designed purpose, they are useful for so many other purposes, too!

I choose to stock these primarily because they reduce your exposure to magnetic fields from electrical cables. 


Simply by bundling them together (in rows), rather than looping or coiling them, the magnetic fields created by the cables are reduced.

What is more is the multitude of other uses. I have listed some ideas below to get your imagination going.

What is in it?

This is a 10-pack of velcro strips.

Generally, they are very bright colours, which makes them easy to spot.

How to Use Cable Ties

Using Cable Ties to Reduce EMF Exposure

When you understand that by having cables near to each other that you can significantly increase the magnetic fields created by them, you quickly realise the need to reduce them again.

The increase in magnetic fields is due to the AC (alternating current). There is a measurable difference when cables are near to one another, or looped. When laid in lines and bundled, there can be a significant reduction. This is the principle behind braided wires used in air tube earphones and headsets.

Simply lay the cables in a straight line. If you have an extra long cable, do this to it, instead of looping it. 

From here, you wrap a cable tie around the cables near to each end, and another in the middle if needed.

A word of warning - don’t bundle too many cables together as they can overheat.

Other Uses for Cable Ties

  • Tidying up cables and reduce trip hazards (and magnetic fields)
  • Wrapping gifts - instead of sticky tape
  • As a pencil case
  • To organise art supplies
  • To attach your microphone to your tripod
  • and many other things.

Really, the list of uses is limited only by your imagination! 🙂


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