Carbonised Polyester


Carbonised polyester can be used to shield against electric fields – it must be GROUNDED!

Carbonised Polyester - Why I Love It

Carbonised Polyester is a YShield product. It comes from Germany and is specifically engineered to shield against extremely low frequency (ELF) electric fields. 

It does this by attracting the electric fields to it and that is why it is absolutely essential to ground it with a Grounding Cable. The Grounding Cable will send all the electric fields that the Carbonised Polyester has attracted out through the household wiring. 

This is a fantastic material as it doesn’t fray. This means that  I can cut the length that you order and we don’t have to worry about sewing the edges because it’s not going to fall apart.

Carbonised Polyester is ideal to place on the floor under a rug, underneath a bed or a piece of furniture, and behind a desk. 

It is particularly useful if you are upstairs and there is wiring from the downstairs lighting running underneath you. 

What Is In It?

Carbonised Polyester contains polyester with a carbon coating. 

It must be GROUNDED using a Grounding Cable

  • 95 centimetres wide 
  • Black in colour
  • It weighs 90 grams per meter squared
  • Surface connectivity is 1000 ohms

When you are ordering, if you want a piece that’s bigger than 1 meter just increase the number of items you are ordering.

So if you are ordering 3 lots, I would cut you one 3m length.

How to Use Your Carbonised Polyester

Carbonised Polyester  attracts the electric fields to it so it is essential that you place it either on the other side of source or between yourself and the source. 

It is absolutely vital  that YOU are not in between the source and this shielding as it will increase your exposure.

Said in another way, the Carbonised Polyester, they’re next to each other. 


Have a read of this.

You will then need to attach the Grounding Cable and then plug that into a powerpoint. You don’t need to turn the powerpoint on because we’re only using the earth pin on the cable. 

Uses include:

  • As a grounding mat for the computer
  • Inside the wall to protect against wiring
  • On the floor of multi-level dwellings to protect against wiring for the floor below

Additional information

Carbonised Polyester Length

By the metre, 40 cm piece


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