Carbonised Polyester

Carbonised Polyester (a YShield product) shields against ELF electric fields.
It is best used between the source of the field and yourself – and definitely NOT under you.
Uses include:

  • as a grounding mat for the computer
  • inside the wall to protect against wiring
  • on the floor of multi-level dwellings to protect against wiring for the floor below

It MUST be grounded using a Grounding Cable (1m and 2m cables are available).

Carbonised Polyester is available by the metre at $20/metre.

To buy more than 1m lengths, just increase the quantity. I will cut it to the total length ordered.



Carbonised Polyester

Information about Carbonised Polyester.

  • Contains: polyester, carbon coating
  • MUST BE GROUNDED using a grounding cable
  • Width: 95cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 90g/m2
  • Surface Conductivity: 1000 ohm

This is a YShield Product

Carbonised polyester

Carbonised Polyester

By the metre, 40 cm piece