Grounding Cable


Shielding products, even those that only address RF EMF need to be grounded to discharge any electric fields that they attract.

This is a must-have for any shielding materials.

It is a shielding non-negotiable.

Grounding Cable - Why I Love It

Grounding Cables. Ahh. I have to admit something to you...

Here goes... I think I am in love with copper cables! It’s true! This is part of what I love most about the Air Tube Earphones, too!

For me, there is something about the honesty of these copper cables, with their transparent casing - showing you just how thick they are, giving a real sense of reassurance that they are doing what they are designed to do.

In contrast to some of the others where they are thin as thin can be. Further, when you cut them open and take a good like, you see that there is only a couple of strands of copper there to earth a whole sheet. Frankly it is a little alarming. I don’t think that this is enough to discharge electric fields. 

What I love about these - apart from their copper cables - is that there is a diode in the plug. This means that the material being grounded won’t become live in the extremely rare event of a power surge/issue.

So, I had my electrician build these for me, so I have peace of mind that they are good - nay, great!

What is it?

Copper wires encased in transparent tubing comprise the Grounding Cable, which is 2.5 mm in diameter. This is proper, solid, reliable grounding.

On one end of the cable is an AU plug. On the other end is an alligator clip to attach to fabric or shielding material. Inside the plug is a diode.

The earth prong of the plug has the copper cable attached to it. The other prongs have nothing attached to them.

YShield (Germany) makes these gorgeous copper cables.

My electrician (here in Melbourne) built the cable for Eco Health Solutions.

How to Use It

The Grounding Cable is essential for use with any shielding materials, such as the Carbonised Polyester shielding fabric.

Then you simply clip it onto the shielding material and plug it in. There is no need to turn the power point on.

It can also be used for shielding paint - and I have an expert tip on this. Click here to find out more. 😉

RF EMF and/or electric fields are what the vast majority of shielding materials are designed to address. Most other companies will tell you that you only have to ground shielding products that address electric fields. I think this is not enough.

Based on the readings my colleagues and I have taken with various shielding materials, I believe that it is essential to ground all shielding materials. 

It is non-negotiable. Shielding materials (paint, fabric, whatever) needs to be grounded.

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Grounding Cable

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