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~ Overview of Available Courses for Creating & Maintaining a Healthy Home ~

Over the last decade and a half, I’ve dedicated my time to learning all I can about creating homes and workplaces that support our health.

I’ve researched, studied, and been mentored.

I’ve interviewed global experts, collaborated across allied industries and shared information to build a greater understanding of how our buildings impact our health (negatively and positively) and what we can do to change things.

And I’ve been engaged to assess hundreds of properties and have supported thousands of people in reclaiming their health.

Since I no longer go out onsite – it’s been important for me to share this wealth of information in other ways.

Which is why I’ve created these online courses.

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What’s different about my courses?

There are a few factors that make my courses very different from others that are around. Here’s a quick summary.

  • Informed by training and research
  • Draw from all the lessons and insights learned from hundreds of onsite assessments
  • Based on real life experience with supporting clients
  • Practical and give you step-by-step information
  • They’ve been designed with environmental sensitivities in mind
  • Lessons are in bite-sized chunks
  • They’re fluff-free – I don’t like wasting time, so these are very much “straight to the point”
  • You’ve got life-time access
  • There are resources, such as worksheets and supporting material to assist your learning
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Dealing With Mould

Dealing With Mould

If you’ve discovered mould, then this is for you! I share information that is never taught outside of professional certification – to help you get on top of mould… even if you’re a renter.

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Blueprint to Living in a Rental

Blueprint to Living in a Rental

As a renter, there are limits to what you can do, because you don’t own the building. Discover what you CAN do to create a healthy home, as well as what your rights are and where to get help.

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Looking for a New Place?

looking for a new place - eco health solutions
Avoid the Pitfalls of the Uninhabitable

This course has been designed to empower you in crossing properties off your list with confidence. Past students have found their dream homes – that were also HEALTHY homes!

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Maintaining a Healthy Home

Maintaining a Healthy Home - eco health solutions courses

This is a more “advanced” course. It presumes you’ve had an assessment or been working on creating a healthy home, teaching you how to now maintain it.

no longer available @ Eco Health Solutions

4-Course Bundle

I’ve bundled all 4 of these courses together at a real no-brainer price.

Check it out. 👇

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