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Who We Are And What We Do

Eco Health Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian company that is set up to provide the highest quality Indoor Environmental Health Assessments (IEHAs) for residential and commercial properties, as well as educational resources pertaining to potential hazards in the built environment for the public and professionals.

Indoor Environmental Health Assessments assess and provide solutions for:

  • Indoor air quality – including temperature, relative and specific humidity, dew point, VOCs, mVOCs, formaldehyde, particulate matter, allergens, and more
  • Electromagnetic fields – including radio frequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME), ELF AC electric fields, ELF AC magnetic fields, and high frequency transient spikes
  • Mould and water damage – including a variety of mould sampling techniques
  • Lead and heavy metals
  • Hygiene
  • Drinking water assessments
  • Lighting
  • Ergonomics of work stations

We provide consistent and high quality support and services at all levels.
We provide solutions to the problems identified.
Our founder, director and principal consultant is Lucinda Curran.

Who Accesses Our Services

Australian businesses and individuals who are either seeking answers to ongoing health and/or building issues; those who are seeking to prevent health issues; and those who set about providing the highest quality work environment – going a step above and beyond the standard workplace health and safety measures, and into the realm of supporting health, productivity and staff loyalty.

Hours of Operation

To cater to the needs of our clients, we are open:

  • Monday-Friday 10am – 5.30pm

Other times can be arranged.

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Areas of the Country that we Service

As of April 2018, we have a team of Indoor Environmental Health Consultants who service all of Australia.
We are happy to attend any part of the country to assess your built environment.

Our Customer
Service Principles


We have a system to discuss having your home or workplace assessed – please book a “Can I Help You? Call.” To be fair to everyone, there are no exceptions to this. (So please don’t leave a voice/text message asking about this – just book a call. 🙂 ) We are punctual and keep to scheduled appointments.

We will respond to your enquiry via email within 24 hours, on business days. Our goal is to answer your enquiry as quickly as possible, however, when we are with clients, there will be delays.

When booking your IEHA, a timeframe will be provided in terms of when you can expect to receive your written report or summary. We will deliver within this timeframe.

Quality Of Service

Our staff are experienced, engaged and professional. Their training is current and their skills are kept up to date through continuing professional development.

We will tailor our services to suit your needs.

We will provide you with excellent customer service at all steps of the process.


Not only do we have systems in place, we also have a comprehensive Confidentiality Policy. We understand that you may be sharing sensitive information with us, and we will keep it safe.

All of your information will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Act, 1988.


We are open and honest in all that we do, and thus transparency is a natural part of the company.


Our interactions with you will be friendly, yet professional at all times. We want you to relax into the process and trust that you are dealing with professionals with high standards.

We will focus on finding you solutions to any issues that we identify.

All clients are treated equally – with respect, care and integrity.

To Allow Us To Help, We Expect You Will:

  • Provide timely and accurate information
  • Be respectful
  • If there are any problems, that you bring them to our attention immediately so we can resolve them
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback


Eco Health Solutions

Could your home or workplace be making you SICK?


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Eco Health Solutions

Could your home or workplace be making you SICK?