Bamboo Straws 3-Pack

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Eugh! Plastic straws… Enough of the disposable items.

Let’s choose reusable, sustainable and cleanable.

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Why I Love Bamboo Straws 3-Pack

Bamboo Straws 2-Pack solves the problem of single-use disposable plastic straws!

Living in a café district, I am acutely aware of how many single-use items are discarded every day...

From straws, to coffee cups, to food packaging...


So, I scoured the world and found you some Bamboo Straws.


I have a bit of a thing for bamboo because it is naturally antimicrobial.

This means, that unlike most other materials,

It is resistant to mould, and other biological contaminants.

It also doesn't need to be chemically-treated to achieve this!

(Another win!)


Although it has antimicrobial properties, it is still important to keep your straws clean.

And, to help you keep them clean, I have teamed them up with a cleaning brush which is made from stainless steel and coconut bristles.

Please make sure that after each use, that you wash your straw and allow it to dry.


What Is In It?

This Pack contains:

  • 3x Bamboo Straws
  • 1x cleaning brush (stainless steel handle, coconut bristles)


  • Straws: 20 x ~0.7 cm (due to the natural variation of bamboo, there is a slight variation in diameter)
  • Brush: 22 cm long, bristles are 5 cm

How to Use Bamboo Straws 3-Pack

Use them like you would any other straw...

BUT don't throw them away after use.

You can wash and dry them, and reuse them again and again.


The cleaning brush fits nicely inside and scrubs the inside walls of the straw to keep it clean.


Be sure to wash and dry straws after each use.