Bamboo Soap Dish

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A Soap Dish is essential in for your beautiful hand-made soaps – it keeps it dry and ready to use at any time, and prolongs its life.

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What I Love About Bamboo Soap Dish

The Bamboo Soap Dish is a perfect way to care for your beautiful hand-made soaps.

Allowing your soap to drain means it is kept dry. 

This will prolong the life of your soap, and help it to last longer. 

Often, the soaps of choice (hand-made, un-dyed and fragrance-free) are more expensive than the mass-produced chemical-laden supermarket soaps. So, keeping them going for longer is not only good for the planet, but also for our hip pocket.

Wet soap “dissolves” faster, meaning that you use more than if the bar of soap were dry.

Also, I’ve noticed that wet bars of soap with bubbles on them seem to disappear more quickly, too. This is the reason that I always give my bar of soap a quick rinse before popping in on the dish to dry out.

As well, I love keeping things dry - as I always say, “mould is a moisture issue.” So if there’s any pointers or products I can stock to help you minimise mould, then I’ll be sharing them with you.

These soap dishes are made from bamboo - which is naturally antimicrobial. That said, aim to keep your dish as dry as possible. So ensure that the water that runs off your soap can get around the base of the dish and down the drain.

I love these soap dishes for camping trips, too. They are lightweight and simple to use.

What Is In It?

Bamboo Soap Dish is made of 100% bamboo.


  • 11.5 x 8.5 x 1.6 cm

How to Use Your Bamboo Soap Dish

Simply place it where it can easily drain and pop your bar of soap on top.

As part of my household cleaning, I often give mine a scrub to keep it in good condition.