Bamboo Microfibre Cloths

We all know how superior microfibre cloths are at cleaning. But then there is the dilemma of the microplastics polluting our oceans and planet.

Here is the solution: 100% BAMBOO microfibre cloths.

100% natural bamboo microfibre cloths effortlessly cleans off grease, picks up dirt and removes stains – all with the aid of water!

Naturally antibacterial ensures cloth stays hygienic and odour free. Non-scratch cleaning suitable for all surfaces.

Bamboo Microfibre Cloths - Why I Love Them

Bamboo Microfibre Cloths are a lot of levels up compared to regular ones because they are not made from synthetic fibres. This means that we are not adding to the microplastics issue.

Regular cloths move things around from surface to another, so cross contamination is always a problem.

The fibres in microfibre cloths are structured in such a way that they actually pick up the contaminants. 

Since first discovering microfibre cloths, I have loved them. Why? Simply because you can clean the whole place with merely water because the cloths are so good at cleaning.

Being concerned about chemicals as well as microfibres, my search began for something that was beneficial on every level. My search ended when I found these! They are 100% bamboo and are not dyed, and therefore there is a smaller footprint in their production. Good for us and good for the environment. 🙂

By simply rinsing them in warm soapy water, they are ready to go again. I have to say that these wash out better than any other microfibre cloths that I have used. The only thing that seems to stain them is turmeric - and, well, that stains fingers, boards and stainless steel.

What is it? 

Here are the specs on Bamboo Microfibre Cloths.

  • Dimensions: 23cm X 18cm
  • 100% bamboo
  • Naturally anti-bacterial

NOTE: We've also got "Large Bamboo Microfibre Cloths" which are much thinner, so dry more quickly. They're also flat-woven - so they aren't "fluffy" like these, but have a great texture from their weave. Check them out.

How to use Bamboo Microfibre Cloths

Bamboo Microfibre Cloths work well with just water - cleaning products are not actually required. (Another win for the environment - and your budget).


You can “wet dust” by wetting and squeezing your cloth out well. Wipe the surface, and follow it with a dry Bamboo Microfibre Cloth.


  • Use a dry Bamboo Microfibre Cloth to sop up a spill - you will witness its superpowers at soaking things up
  • General cleaning can be done using a dry cloth and a mister - simply spraying some water on the oven door before wiping it over with the cloth
  • Mix up warm water with a few drops of essential oils, and use these to clean your place 
  • TOP TIP: keep your cloths for different areas - write on the label, or pin a coloured ribbon on it. For example, green for kitchen, blue for bathroom, pink for floors

Caring for your Microfibre Cloths 

Simply wash them regularly in a warm wash. 

Take care NOT to add fabric softeners as these will stop your cloth from working properly.

Do NOT tumble dry.

Drying them in the sunshine is ideal.

Additional information

Bamboo Microfibre Cloths

2-pack, 6-pack, 20-pack

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