Drink Bottle – Stainless Steel

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Looking for an amazing stainless steel Drink Bottle?

Here is the last of this range!

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Drink Bottle (Stainless Steel) - Why I Love It

This Drink Bottle is my all time favourite!

Why? For so many reasons!

It holds 450 mL, so I use this on my desk like a glass. 

It has a wide mouth, so it is easy to clean the insides.

It is made of stainless steel - and is NOT lined with plastic, as so many of them are.

They fit perfectly into a car or bike drink holder and also are just the right size to pop in the side pocket of a backpack. 

I find it is just perfect to drink from when you are busy… 

Like when presenting, having to break my concentration and flow to make sure I don’t wear my drink because I am drinking from a large bottle is NOT what I want to do. This drink bottle is just the right size to drink without interrupting what you are doing - it really is like sipping from a glass.

It is a great size to carry around with you.

These are the Safe-T-Bottle brand, and this is the very last of the stock. When they are gone, they are gone.

What is in it?

I think this is more like what is NOT in it.

It isn’t lined with plastic, as so many metal drink bottles are.

It doesn’t have an aluminium lip, like many others - which defeats the purpose of a stainless steel bottle, I think!

This Drink Bottle holds 450 mL.

It has a wide mouth.

It has a plastic lid with a silicone ring to stop leaks.

How to use your Drink Bottle

Simply put cool or room temperature drinks inside it.

The only rule is not to put hot drinks inside - you will burn your hands!

As with any new product, please wash it before use. Use warm soapy water and rinse well.


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