Cotton Mesh Tote

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Cotton Mesh Tote bags are ideal for shopping – and they are handy enough to keep in your bikes panier, car or handbag.

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Why I Love Cotton Mesh Tote

The Cotton Mesh Tote is a real beauty.

Made from undyed and unbleached cotton,

It is handy to keep in your bag, car, bike - or even your pocket.

The handles are long enough for you to carry the bag over your shoulder, if you prefer...

But of course, you can still carry it in your hands.

The mesh brings a lot of flexibility to the bag, enabling to change shape easily to fit around what is in it.

Apart from shopping, these bags can also be used -

  • for fresh fruit and veg (instead of plastic bags)
  • to store toys
  • to store large craft items

I find they are super useful because you can see what is in them...

So there is no time wasted on opening bag after bag while you search for something.

What Is It?

The Cotton Mesh Tote is a bag made from unbleached cotton.

The bag is approximately 30 x 30 cm - although it changes shape readily to fit its contents.

The handles are ~46 cm in length (from side of the bag to side of the bag).

How to Use Cotton Mesh Tote

Always wash items before use.

As this is cotton, please don't wash it in hot water OR put it in the dryer as these could cause it to shrink.

They roll up/fold down to easily fit into your hand... so are ideal to keep handy for shopping or other needs.

NOTE: the holes in the mesh aren't small, so please don't put small items in the bag as they may fall out.