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Is My House Making Me Sick? Pt2

Is My House Making Me Sick? PART 2 >> Is My House Making Me Sick? Part 1 is here <<…

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Is My House Making Me Sick? Pt 1

Is my house making me sick? PART 1 You’re not quite on your game. Your health has declined – your…

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Lead – Creating Awareness

Lead Poisoning Prevention is Better than Cure When I first began assessing buildings for health hazards, I was dumbfounded to…

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Handy Essential Oils

Handy Essential Oils to Use Around the Home I wanted to share with you some handy essential oils that you…

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Sleep: Why Is it So Important?

Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Many people do these days, and this can have a bigger…

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What On Earth Is Building Biology?

Building Biology?? In a nutshell, Building Biology is the science of the way that your building impacts upon your health.…