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Natural Drain Cleaners by Biomaster


Drain Cleaners – eugh!!! 🤢 What comes to mind are the toxic harsh chemicals that strip your nose hairs, too!

Instead, I’ve sourced some natural drain cleaners – that really make a difference.

What I Love About Natural Drain Cleaners

These Natural Drain Cleaners will blow your mind!

The concept is deceptively simply and the results are profound.

Let me tell you more.


Traditionally, as you would know, drain cleaners are made from really harsh chemicals that are quite toxic -

Especially to the environment.

As a result, I don't recommend them.


But, we all get clogged and/or smelly drains at some point,


So what to do then?


Welcome onstage Biomaster®  Drain Power and Drain Clear.

These two products are designed to clean out internal and outdoor drains,

Without the need for chemicals.


How do they work?

I am glad you asked 😉

They each have a unique blend of bacteria that break down the relevant material that would be clogging those drains.

I think of it as being like introducing the good bacteria into our guts to get everything back into balance


Drain Power (for INSIDE your home)

Breaks down "muck" commonly found in the:

  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • laundry

It's special mix of bacteria is specifically designed to address -

  • toothpaste
  • soaps and shampoos
  • greasy or oily residues

Drain Clear (for OUTSIDE your home)

It is designed to be used  -

  • Outside pipes
  • Outside drains
  • Driveway gratings

Utilises over 60 strains of microorganisms to effectively deal with leaves and plant matter as well as sludge and organic build-up.

It is perfect for:

  • Garden drip watering system
  • Sprinkler irrigation
  • Water reclamation systems
  • Hydroponic set-ups
  • Wastewater pipe intakes and outlets

What Do You Get?

Whether you choose Drain Power (indoors) or Drain Clear (outdoors) you get

2x water soluble sachets of microorganisms that are -

  • safe for septic systems
  • free from chemicals and poisons
  • non-toxic

How to Use Your Natural Drain Cleaners

Each product is really easy to use.

  1. Simply dissolve one sachet in 2L of warm (not hot) water
  2. Stir
  3. Allow it to rest for 20 minutes
  4. Pour at least 250mL down each drain that will be unused for at least 4 hours

I choose to mix mine up at night, and pour them down the drains just prior to going to bed.

That way the taps and drains are not used for at least 4 hours...

Maximising the effectiveness of the microorganisms.


It is recommended that they are used every 3 months to help keep your drains and pipes nice and clear.

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