Activated Charcoal Soap by Soaps of Nature

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Indulge yourself with one of these lovely bars…

And if you can bear to part with it, you could gift one to someone you care about.

What I Love about Activated Charcoal Soap

Activated Charcoal Soap has been created by Richelle Hanover of Soaps of Nature.

Richelle, or Shelley, as I call her, has been a friend of mine for over 7 years.

For most of those years she has been making these luxurious soaps.

She truly gets it with regards to fragrance-free... as she understands environmental sensitivities.

This soap, like the rest in her range is not scented -

What you can smell are the ingredients...

Soft, subtle and unobtrusive.

Just how they should be - I think! 😉

This is the second soap from Shelley's range that I am including in my store -

Because they are so great!

This is one that I regularly use as the activated charcoal is great for odours...

And I don't just mean body odours, though it is good for that too.

I find it really helpful to wash with this when I get home from somewhere scented.

I wash both my skin AND my hair with it.

What Is In It?

This is a vegan bar of soap.

All ingredients are natural, as are the colours.

Ingredients: Oils of olive, rice bran, coconut, macadamia nut and castor; shea butter; activated charcoal.

Each bar of soap is a minimum of 100g in weight.

Since the soaps are handmade, there is a slight variation... but Shelley always makes sure it is in your favour.

That's just the kind of sweetie she is. 😉

The soaps are hand-made in Victoria Australia by Shelley.

How to Use Your Bar of "Soaps of Nature"

Use your bar of soap as a hand soap or to bathe with.

To prolong the life of your soap, a soap dish is always recommended.

I use this soap as a shampoo when I have been somewhere that is fragranced. To do this, I wet my hair then rub the soap on... and lather.

I leave it in my hair for a few minutes then rinse it out, following it with either conditioner or a vinegar rinse.

For the longevity of the bar, it is best to keep it in a soap dish that drains well.

You can follow Shelley on social media here.

Here's our special soap that Shelley made especially for Eco Health Solutions.


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