Smart Meter Shielding Kit


This Smart Meter Shielding Kit offers protection from AC ELF electric fields and radio frequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME) when installed properly.

This kit includes a 10-minute call to confirm the application is suited to your situation!

Smart Meter Shielding Kit - Why I Love It

The Smart Meter Shielding Kit contains all you need to shield from a smart meter in the majority of situations.

It is literally all you need - not $10,000+ worth of shielding! 

(Did I hear you say, “Phew!!!” ?)

I find that many tend to be overzealous with shielding. This is a huge concern as the more shielding there is, the more problems you can create and you can make things worse very quickly.

Having helped hundreds of people with shielding, I can confidently guide you in how to get it right very simply.

My focus is to ensure you get the best shielding, covering the least space, for the lowest outlay.

I have no intention to sell you something that won’t meet your needs.

It’s very easy to get shielding wrong so what I’ve done with this kit is I’ve put together the 4 components that you need to do a safe and thorough shielding job of your smart meter in the majority of situations.

I’ve also added to this a 10-minute Smart Meter Shielding Call where we can review your particular situation and come up with a plan that is just right for you. 

The shielding paint has been tested up to 40 GHz and is effective at this level. Please download the shielding report here.

What Is In It?

This kit contains:

  • 10-minute Smart Meter Shielding Call
  • Written instructions for your situation (based on the call) 
  • Shielding paint (HSF-54) - 1L x1
  • Wall grounding plate for internal use x1
  • 20 centimetre grounding cable x1 
  • 10 meter roll of grounding tape x1

I highly recommend that you also buy the Smart Meter Shielding Guide.  <<  

How to Use It


Immediately after purchase, book 10-minute Call. I will hold the kit until we have had the call (see Step 2).


Have your call with Lucinda who may need to tweak the kit to suit your needs. She will provide you with written instructions based on the call.


Your kit will be shipped to you.


Follow the instructions provided to install your shielding safely and correctly.

PLEASE NOTE - If you get on the call and this Kit is deemed not to be the solution for you, then a full refund will be given. However, if you have your call and a plan is provided, then you choose not to go ahead, a refund can be provided less $65 for the call and plan.


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