Shielded Beanie


Shielded Beanie

This shielded beanie is designed to protect from radio frequency EMF (RF).

It is effective from 30 MHz to 18 GHz (and potentially even higher levels) – which means it is a useful tool against #5G.

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Shielded Beanie - Why I Love it

I was opposed to shielded beanie and shielded clothing for many years as there is a minute risk that the RF could pass through an unshielded area, travel through to the shielding and then bounce back - giving you a double whammy. This risk does still exist.


I'm now a convert.

What happened was that my local council installed their IoT to let them know when to empty their garbage bins and resulted in levels of RF escalating to 20,000 uW/m2. I had constant migraines and began having balance  and coordination issues. I checked things out with my doc (no brain tumour or other causes)... and noticed that when I was in other settings, the symptoms did not exist at all.

So, I tried one of these.

It significantly reduced my symptoms.

I now have about 5 of them - one to work in, one to travel in, a couple to hang about in... and one in the wash.

(Since trying out the beanie, I have also installed shielding - levels are low - around 20 uW/m2 now. Phew!)

This beanie is excellent at shielding at very high levels and as such is suitable for 5G. Download the shielding report here.

What is it?

The Shielded Beanie is made from a fabric called Silver-Elastic which has the shielding attenuation of 50 dB at 1 GHz. (For the non-techies - this is an excellent level of shielding.)

It is very stretchy and durable, and can be worn both as a beanie and also to shield the lower portion of the face.

The fabric is made from:

  • 80% spandex
  • 20% silver*

* Note: that silver in any product can cause discolouration over time. This does not alter its shielding properties, just its appearance.

This is an excellent protective tool against 5G and other RF technologies

How to Care for Your Shielded Beanie


Regular laundry products will damage the integrity of the shielding fabric. This means that the fabric won’t last as long as it would with proper care.

Please hand wash it using Texcare, which is specifically designed for protecting shielding fabrics.


Please endeavour to keep your Shielded Beanie out of the sun, as this will cause the silver to discolour.

Although durable, don't be rough with it. It isn’t a hessian sack. 😉


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