Calendar (magnetic)

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Want to save money, paper and effort? You can get an eternal magnetic calendar here… Oh wait, make that TWO! 

PS My Dad invented these!

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Calendar - Why I Love It

A new calendar every year. Peh. What a waste of paper, ink and money. 

They are usually really cheesy, too. Have you noticed that? It is so hard to get a nice one these days.

Certainly I share this view with my 90+ year old Dad (he is 93!).

Dad has always had a love of calendars and has instilled this in me. As a child, Dad and I used to fiddle with his different calendar inventions to be able to work out which day we were born, and look at all sorts of dates, past and present.

“Hmm, which day did (insert historical event) happen?”

“Ooh, let’s figure it out.”

This calendar is magnetic. It is “eternal” - so you don’t need to buy a new one every year… and then wait for it to off-gas (that is that gross smell of the inks as they are released and affect our indoor air).

Dad has designed this so that you can easily move from month to month.

We’ve created a two-pack for these so you can plan ahead. Super handy.

What is in it?

This is a 2-pack of calendars - so you can set up 2 months at a time.

Or you may prefer to take one to work and keep one at home.

The product is DL size - which is of an A4 page.

How to Use Your Calendar

Simply cut along the dashed lines and set it up according to the month you are in.

Another way to do this is to put a piece of paper behind it (or on a whiteboard) and spread out the columns so you can write notes for each day.

My parents have theirs on their fridge with a coloured magnet to mark the current day.

We have ours on our fridge too, and as soon as I’ve done the “pinch and a punch,” I dash off to move all the columns around and set up the new month - which takes a few seconds.

Because these are magnetic, you can set up your calendars on the fridge, a metal filing cabinet, a magnetic board or any other metal.

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