Silk Comfort Mask by I Can Breathe!

$49.00 incl GST

Silk Comfort Mask is perfect to protect you from pollen, dander and dust.

This has been my “mask of choice” during 2020… It has:

  • the required 3 layers of fabrics,
  • has the best filtration capabilities due to the structure of the fabric
  • it is super easy to breathe through (even when exercising)
  • it is easy to be heard through
  • it has an excellent seal, as do all I Can Breathe! masks

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Silk Comfort Mask – Why I Love It

The Silk Comfort Mask is a fantastic mask by I Can Breathe! 

It’s the mask that I use whenever I am cleaning or gardening. I’ve also been seen wearing it in the clinic when weighing out herbs for clients.

It is lightweight, comfortable and the silk is soft and cool on my skin.

The sleek construction of this mask utilises a nylon mesh in its core which holds the silk away from your nose and mouth, allowing you to talk and breathe with ease.

This mask doesn’t filter out things that are fume level but it will definitely help with particulate matter in the air.

If you are wanting something for fumes check out the Honeycomb Mask, the Sports Kit and the Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon Mask

Not Sure Which Mask to Get?

Download your free guide and watch the video that I made to work out which ones suit you best. 

Not Sure Which Mask To Get? Click Here

What Is In It?

This gorgeous mask is made from natural silk.

It has a nylon mesh core.

The ear loops are made from latex-free elastic.

The flexible nose piece is made from plastic and metal.

If you would like organic cotton ear loops, please let me know when ordering and I can include those for you. 

How to Use Your Silk Comfort Mask

Please wash your new mask before you use it. 

Using an unscented soap, please hand wash it and allow it to dry before you fit it.

Check out the video below to see how to fit the mask properly.

This mask is fantastic for cleaning, for moving days, for being around pets if you are allergic to them, for walking outside during spring or autumn when the pollen and mould spores are filling the air. 

It’s great when you are gardening, sewing, weaving, sleeping and exercising.


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