Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon Mask by I Can Breathe!

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The Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon Mask is ideal for smoke, chemicals, fumes, dust and pollen.

Please be aware that the bamboo comes from the nanoparticles of bamboo charcoal.

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Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon Mask – Why I Love It

The Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon Mask and I have a long history.

They were in prototype phase when I was at my most sensitive.

Given the cotton fibre was so much cooler against my face, it soon became my mask of choice.

One thing I did note was that the fit wasn’t as snug as one that has elastic ear loops. This meant that on occasions, I would be able to smell my environment. However, it is important to remember that carbon “adsorbs” odours – so despite being able to smell something, I didn’t react.

Now, as I said, this is my personal mask of choice. However, I always like to make it clear to people that the bamboo carbon is in the form of nanoparticles. They are embedded in the rayon whilst it is in its molten state. I do not know if there are any long term effects associated with this. (As opposed to applying a product containing nanoparticles on your skin.)

This mask was designed by I Can Breathe! for people who are chemically sensitive and have an issue with polyester. If you are okay with polyester, I would recommend that you get yourself a Honeycomb Mask instead.

What Is In It?

Bamboo charcoal contains many pores and gaps in its structure, making it excellent for adsorption and is also known to be antibacterial and antifungal.

This mask is made from:

  • organic cotton
  • bamboo charcoal
  • cotton ear loops
  • metal rings

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How to Use Your Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon Mask

Fitting Your Mask

When you first get your mask, please hand wash it with an unscented soap.

Once dry, take some time to fit it carefully.

A well-fitted mask with sit on your face snugly and won’t fog up reading glasses.

To fit it, adjust the ear loops and flexible nose piece. 

Using Your Mask

Simply fit it to your face when needed. 

I recommend allowing it to dry out thoroughly after use and before being stored.

Caring for Your Mask

This Organic Cotton Bamboo Carbon Mask is washable in cool water with mild, unscented detergent.

The effectiveness of the bamboo carbon may last through washing approximately 60 times.

Wash by hand, rinse well, roll in a towel to get rid of excess water, then hang to dry.

Wash a new mask before wearing.

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  1. Anne

    So soft, comfortable, effective, and easy to adjust.

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