Pet Waste Wizard by Biomaster


Pet Waste Wizard by Biomaster is a way to break down pet waste into compost, attract worms, and stop your garbage bin being whiffy.

Using bacteria, this amazing product has so many benefits!

What I Love About Pet Waste Wizard by Biomaster

I love the ingenuity of this product Pet Waste Wizard. 

Each sachet contains a mix of bacteria that just loves pet poo.

By adding bacteria to your pet waste you get to achieve so many great things…

  1. You don’t end up sending your pet waste to landfill
  2. Your bin doesn’t end up whiffy (stinky, smelly…)
  3. You create compost/fertiliser for your garden
  4. You increase the worms in your garden - which is great for its overall health

What a great lot of benefits! 

As well, if you’re scooping up the poo, there’s less chance anyone is going to walk in it.

Biomaster is an Australian company, and their products are all made in Victoria. So great to have such clever products.

They also have BioBins which have been designed to use with the Waste Wizard. If you want to get one, please let me know. II can hook you up with one if you’re interested. 

What Do You Get?

Pet Waste Wizard contains 28g of bacteria. 

That is, 2x satchels of microorganisms which are -

  • safe for septic systems
  • free from chemicals and poisons
  • Non-toxic

One sachet lasts for 1 month for either a big dog or 2 small dogs.

How to Use Your Pet Waste Wizard by Biomaster

  1. You can use Biomasters® BioBin, or cut off the bottom of a 20L lidded bucket. Inset the bucket 10cm into the ground.
  2. Add pet waste (dog, cat, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds). If the faeces are dry, add some water. 
  3. Tear open a sachet and sprinkle over the waste.


  • Do not add poo for 48 hours after worming
  • If you’ve got a cat, be sure to use biodegradable kitty litter
  • Don’t let the poo bin dry out, add water if needed

What a great product, eh?

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