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Dirty Electricity Filter

EMFields Dirty Electricity Mains Filter

Regardless of your own appliances, it is highly likely that you have dirty electricity. This is “high frequency transient spikes” – and they are found on your household wiring.
Appliances that can cause it include: smart meters, fridge (and other appliances that have a thermostat and therefore turn off and on), televisions, computers, dimmer switches, solar panels, and more!


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EMFields Dirty Electricity Mains Filter is from the UK

These filters effectively reduce this form of EMF.
It is important to have these filters fitted – in that readings need to be take to assess the number and placement of filters.
My goal is always to use as few as possible to achieve the desired level of below 100mV.
If you haven’t had this assessed, please contact me to arrange for this.

For more information about the effects of dirty electricity on health, you can read:

Some countries have exposure standards for this form of EMF, and as a result, public buildings can be shut down until the levels are reduced. Countries like Australia, US, Canada and the UK are lagging in this area…