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Dirty Electricity Filters are important in every building – whether or not you are on the grid.

Dirty Electricity Filter - Why I Love It

This Dirty Electricity Filter is so good!

The very first thing I have to say about them is that they are compliant for use in Australia. Not all are, so “buyer beware.” 

I love that they are not only highly effective (in most cases) and reducing levels of Dirty Electricity, but that they are so easy to install.

It is important to understand that you need a Filter Plan. In some instances, depending on their placement, they can actually increase the levels. Every place is different. So,  you can’t just buy a stack and plug them in willy-nilly. Okay?

Over time (years OR if things change rapidly), when the load increases, they may start to buzz. This is a good indication that you need a reassessment and the plan adjusted accordingly.

What Dirty Electricity and Why Do I Need To Filter It?

What is This Type of EMF?

“Dirty Electricity” is more correctly named "high-frequency transient spikes" or “harmonics. ”

This is a form of EMF that is found on your household wiring.

Appliances that can cause it include: solar panels, smart meters, fridge (and other appliances that have a thermostat and therefore turn off and on), televisions, computers, dimmer switches, solar panels, and more!

If you are on the grid, regardless of your own appliances, it is highly likely that you have Dirty Electricity. If you are off-grid, you will definitely have it from the inverter associated with your solar panels.

There are some countries in eastern Europe that have exposure standards for this type of EMF - they understand that at certain levels, it can enter the body. If a public building exceeds the standards, the building is evacuated until it is remedied. Of course, we are lagging behind...

For more information about the effects of dirty electricity on health, you can read:

What About the Filters?

These filters effectively reduce this form of EMF.

It is important to have these filters fitted for your own place. What this means is having your place assessed and filters fitted according to what you need. 

My goal is always to use as few as possible to achieve the desired level of below 100mV. I have achieved this in some places with just one filter, others have needed 7. Each place varies and it is important to get this right - just like with all forms of EMF.

If you haven't had this assessed, please contact me to arrange your DE assessment.

How To Use Your Filter

They are very easy to install. You simply plug them in and turn them on.

NOTE they must only be used in the points identified in your assessment.

If you have not had your place assessed for Dirty Electricity, then please don’t buy any filters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do need to be aware that they are capable of regulating blood sugar levels. So if anyone has blood sugar issues (eg diabetes), then this needs to be closely monitored for the first 2 hours after installation.


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