Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners. What to look for in a good one…

With the enormous range of vacuum cleaners on the market, how do you choose what is best for your needs?

Is the price the best way to determine? What else should you consider?

Is it enough to get one that sucks – or will it suck?

How do you know?

In this video, I explain what to look for when you are considering vacuum cleaners.

What to Consider When Looking for a New Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are an important part of our cleaning practices, and it is important to get a good one.

That said, there are vast differences between the models on the markets, as well as staggeringly different price ranges.

What To Look For


A turbo head means that the brush is powered electrically and can “thump” the carpet to loosen dirt that has lodged further down in the pile. A powered head is one that is “powered” by the air passing by as it sucks – this is a less powerful option, but better than neither.


Ensure that the vacuum cleaner has a genuine HEPA filter in it. A HEPA filter is designed to capture the dust that would ordinarily come out of the vacuum cleaner – it prevents that act of vacuuming from being just an exercise in dust recirculation. Originally it was just for people with allergies, nowadays it is a common feature.


This will depend on whether the person who would empty it has dust mite allergies or not. If they do, a disposable bag is less risky. If not, environmentally, a bagless is better as it creates less waste, and it is less ongoing expenses without bags.


This is about choice – what do you prefer to use? What sort of storage space do you have?

Whichever one you choose, make sure it will suit your purposes and not be so heavy that it is difficult to manage.


Make sure that the vacuum cleaner you choose matches the floor coverings you have. Some on the lower end of the scale are only suitable for carpets, whilst others may only suit hard floors. If you only have hard floors, check reviews (such as Choice magazine or online forums) in terms of how they behave. In the past, there have been issues with many vacuum cleaners actually scratching or damaging floorboards.


Accessories and features such as these can be excellent. If the price excludes you from these optional extras, a damp microfibre cloth is a great cleaning option.

Cleaning Tips

Research was done by Dr Peter Dingle who found that a quick vacuum over your floors was not enough to get a good clean happening.

It is important to spend good minute on every 1m square of carpet. By doing this just once every six weeks, you will be cleaning your carpets far better than if you did a quick vacuum over the house every week.

That is a lot of time in one small area, and if your house is fully carpeted, then you will be spending a LOT of time vacuuming.

What I recommend:

  • Create a list which sequences the carpeted rooms in your house
  • Each week, vacuum one room “in detail” – and lightly vacuum (as you used to) the other rooms
  • Rotate the focus room each week

In this way, all of your carpets get a thorough vacuum, and you don't spend every waking moment vacuuming 😉

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Insomnia Epidemic

The “Insomnia Epidemic”

There has been much talk recently of an insomnia epidemic. Have you heard about it?

It has been primarily based on data collected by devices such as smart phones and watches.

There is an enormous irony, though, because from what I am seeing, there is a chance that these very devices are contributing to the problem.

I have explained it in this video.


Did you know your alarm clock can also play a role in insomnia?

Many people place their electric alarm clocks right next to their heads.

This can expose them to very high levels of ELF AC electric fields and magnetic fields.

“I’m alright, I use my phone!”

Well then, in that case, you are likely to be exposing yourself to very high levels of high-frequency radiation, which I see affects many people’s sleep, as discussed above.

What then?


Just get yourself a battery-operated alarm clock.

I stock some here (they also measure temperature and humidity) – a dream device! 😉

Have you followed the above steps and are still having problems?

What else can you do? There are lots of measures that you can take. Here are some.

Check out this post on why sleep is so important.

Any form of stress can hamper sleep. Keep a check on:

  • Work-related stress
  • Relationships
  • Big changes
  • Light (this can help)
  • Noise
  • Environmental stressors, such as mould, poor air quality

Also, you should consider your use of devices in the evening. Watch this video.

And your bed and bedding can also play a role. Check this out.

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