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The Honeycomb Sports Kit is useful for filtering things at a fume level and ideal when exercising.

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Honeycomb Sports Kit - Why I Love It

The Honeycomb Sports Kit is an absolutely fantastic mask and I’m going to share something really special about this one. 🙂

This was actually used by the US cycling team during the Beijing Olympics. It is an excellent mask for both exercising and for using in a polluted environment.

What I’ve got below is a table that shows the micron size (that's the size of the particles in the air) that are filtered out using the different masks.


sports kit

This mask is close to the N95 or P2 masks - but it isn’t quite.

It is fantastic at filtering out things that are at a fume level - perfume, car fumes, cigarette smoke, and other VOCs. 

If you don’t need to filter out fumes, you might want to consider one of the other options - like the Silk Comfort Mask or the Organic Cotton Mask. Click here to read more about them all.

What’s great about the Sports Kit is that the valves allow for rapid expulsion of air. When you exercise, you breathe heavily and rapidly. The one way valves help the exhaled air to leave the mask much faster. 

The valves are reusable, so each time you need to replace a filter you simply open them out, give them a wash, let them dry and then fit them to the new filter and put that in your mask. The valves will last you a very long time. 

It is important to fit your mask well. Check out the video below.

What Is In It?

The Sports Kit contains:

  • Honeycomb Mask x1
  • Sports Activated Carbon Filter x1
  • Pair of valves x1

The packs of Replacement Filters contain:

  • 2x Sports Activated Carbon Filter

The Valves contain:

  • 1 pair of re-usable valves

The Sports Kit mask has a nylon and polyester shell. It has a flexible nosepiece and adjustable latex-free elastic ear loops.

Like with all the masks in this range, if you would like cotton ear loops then let me know when you are ordering them and I can include that with your order.


The Activated Carbon Filter is made from coconut. It’s military grade, steam-activated coconut shell carbon with two layers of particular filtration in a plant or wood based cellulose. There are little velcro spots that are glued on using an ethylene-vinyl acetate.


The Valves are plastic.


PLEASE NOTE: This mask is exactly the same as the Honeycomb mask and you can use the regular activated carbon filters in it, as well as the sports filters.

How to Use Your Honeycomb Sports Kit

When you get your Sports Kit, please wash just the Honeycomb mask.

Don’t wash the filters! The filters are not washable.

Give it a wash by hand using unscented soap and allow it to dry. Once it is dry, go ahead and fit the mask to your face following the instructions in the video below.

Also, take a look at the card that comes along with the mask. It shows you how to insert the valves into the filters before you put that in the mask. Note that the flat side of the valve goes on the white side of the filter - which is the bit that goes against your face. 

The flat side of the valve is against your face and the knobbly black side is on the side of the Honeycomb Mask.

The filters are good for about 40 hours of use and can be doubled up in more polluted environments.

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Beige, Dark Gray, Blue, Replacement SPORTS Filters 2-pack, Replacement SPORTS Filters 5-pack, Replacement pair of Valves


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