Organic Cotton Mask by I Can Breathe!


This is the Organic Cotton Mask from I Can Breathe! and is designed to filter out dust, pollen, dander and lint.

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Organic Cotton Mask - Why I Love It

The Organic Cotton Mask is a beautiful mask that is made of three layers of organic cotton to reduce your exposure to dust, pollen, dander and lint.

It is also incredibly useful for humidification.

If you are somewhere with very dry air, such as a long-haul flight or in the desert, you can wet the mask, roll it in a towel to blot out excess water and then wear it damp to help you breathe in more humid air.

Like all of the I Can Breathe! masks this one has a flexible nose piece and adjustable ear loops. These ear loops are made from cotton. If you prefer to have the latex-free elastic loops, let me know when you are ordering and I can include that when I send you your mask.

No dyes or bleach have been used in these fabrics. It’s organic cotton and it's just a beautiful cream color.

This  mask is the filter. Your gauge and guide to when it needs washing will be when it becomes difficult to breathe.

In which case, when you wash the mask, wash it by hand with an unscented soap and leave it to dry.

I use this mask a lot when I am gardening and when I’m cleaning the house. It's fantastic at stopping me from breathing in dust and other matter.


What Is In It?

What’s in it for this beautiful mask?

It has three layers of soft organic cotton.

It has natural cotton two ear loops and a flexible plastic nosepiece.

How to Use Your Organic Cotton Mask

Like with any product that you buy, it's always good to wash it first.

Using fragrance-free soap, wash it by hand in cool to warm water and leave it to dry.

Once it’s dry, fit it to your face as per the video below. Once you’ve got a good seal this will be helpful for filtering out dusts, pollens, dander and lint.


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Grey – Adult, Grey – Child, Sapphire Blue – Adult


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