Mould & Essential Oils

Mould & Essential Oils

There is a lot of marketing around products for mould… and a lot of hype now that the effects of mould on health are gaining awareness in the community. In this video, I share with you information about mould & essential oils.

I want to shed light and science onto this, making things simple for you!

More Information on Mould & Essential Oils

Oregano and Thyme Essential Oils are the best anti-fungals of the essential oils – this has been demonstrated by numerous studies (see below).

To clean mould off hard surfaces (such as windows), simply make up a detergent-water solution, add a few drops of Eco Health Solutions 100% Pure Essential Oil: Thyme and Oregano and clean with a well-wrung-out microfibre cloth.

Be sure NOT to rinse and reuse the cloth, instead, dispose of it after using to clean off mould.

Some Links to Research into Thyme and Oregano Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils are potent gifts from nature

Essential oils can be used for many things – cleaning, mood enhancement, health, personal care products, perfumery, in your bath, in a burner, pest repellent, and on and on.

However, they do need to be used with care.

One drop of essential oil goes a very long way. When you put them in a burner, just use no more than 3 drops at a time.

Unless you are under the care of a qualified aromatherapist, NEVER EVER ingest any essential oil.

My Favourites

Two of my most regularly used oils are OREGANO and THYME.

This is because of the work that I do.

Of all the essential oils, oregano and thyme essential oils are the best at killing mould. Hence the regularity of its use.

When I have been in a mouldy house or workplace, despite wearing all my protective gear, I wash my clothes with a few drops of it.

I also burn it in my car to help reduce any contamination.

** They also smell tasty!

Quality Essential Oils

Here is a video I did to explain what to look for, so that you get good quality ones.

* Please be aware that some people are very sensitive to essential oils.

Note that even though they are sourced from nature, and not synthetic, many people are very sensitive to them, particularly those with chemical sensitivities.

Also, everybody has individual nuances, and as such, even oils like lavender may not have the calming effect that they are traditionally known for.

As with everything, be slow and careful. I embrace the precautionary principle and encourage you to do the same.

One other important consideration is our pets – many pets are extremely sensitive so please consult your vet for advice.