Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano Essential Oil is one of the best anti-fungals around – this has been demonstrated by numerous studies (see below).
To clean mould off hard surfaces (such as windows), simply make up a detergent-water solution, add a few drops of Eco Health Solutions 100% Pure Essential Oil: Oregano and clean with a well-wrung-out microfibre cloth.
Be sure NOT to rinse and reuse the cloth, instead, dispose of it after using to clean off mould.


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100% Oregano Essential Oil

This oregano essential oil is a product of Spain.
It is packaged in blue glass to preserve its integrity and has a dripper within the bottle so you can easily get a few drops of this potent essential oil, without overdoing it.
Bear in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated, and therefore only a 1-3 drops in 250ml of water is plenty.
Oregano essential oil (as for all essential oils) should not be ingested.

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