EMF Bombardment Three Simple Steps to Cope

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No matter where we go these days, we tend to be surrounded by free wi-fi, phone towers… Those that are aware of the harmful effects (whether they experience them or not) often ask, “What can I do to keep myself safe?”

There is the temptation to buy something that will magically set up a forcefield that blocks out all radio frequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME).

There is a level of desperation for those who suffer in the presence of it.

There is the urge to stick something on the phone to make it safe. But none of these make any measurable difference.

Instead, here are three steps that can make a considerable difference.

1) MAKE YOUR HOME A SAFE PLACE – free from wireless technology

This is the #1 most important step of all because this the place you spend time when your body is healing and detoxifying. Whilst you cannot control what happens out there (and gee, I wish I could!!) you can control your home and what happens in it. Take action there.


Go barefoot in the garden, on the beach, or “forest bathe.” All of these will help you to “discharge” and earth. As well, there is research that shows that spending 1 hour in the forest has health benefits that last for a whole 7 days!


3) MINIMISE your exposure

The greatest risk with buying a sticker for your smartphone, or a piece of plug-in plastic, or wearing a pendant with rainbow swirls is that it can make you feel safe, and therefore instead of reducing your exposure, you INCREASE it.

If you have to go somewhere where there are high levels of wireless technology, then keep the time capped and head off into nature straight afterwards.

I have to LOL while I write this as it sounds very closed-minded… I have an open mind to what MAY help, but I also see so many people suffer that I need to be clear with this. While I cannot show any measurable difference with any of these things, I cannot recommend them. Building Biology Brain means precaution all the way.

If you do decide to get a piece of jewelry, a plug-in, a sticker, a rock… whatever it is, please consider this “an added bonus.” If it helps, bonus! If it doesn’t do anything, then at least it wasn’t too expensive. The main thing here is to do no harm.

Earthing Mats: Do They Really Work?

I get a LOT of enquiries about earthing mats.

Many people have heard or seen things about them.

Many are seeking them out to remedy their exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

A lot of the information out there is positive and reports the profound effects from using earthing mats.

What Is Earthing?

Earthing, in principle, is wonderful.

Earthing is about getting barefoot and walking on the earth… It is about grounding, releasing anything accumulated…

Having said that, it means walking on the earth without holding your smartphone, without using your bluetooth and without listening to music on your MP3 player.

Earthing is about getting barefoot and returning to nature. It is wonderful, it is soul-nourishing as well as beneficial.

How Does It Help?

Earthing doesn't solve EMF exposure problems – it simply helps to discharge what you have accumulated.

BUT… (You knew there'd be one, right?)

Earthing does not help when you are in electromagnetic fields.

I'll explain.

Our bodies are made of 60-80% water. This makes us excellent conductors.

All electricity seeks the shortest route to earth.

So, if you are using earthing mats, what happens is that electrical fields bend to pass through you as you are providing a direct and short path to earth.

It's like standing in the middle of a field during an electrical storm.


And Earthing Mats?

People claim that they are effective because they can demonstrate a drop in body voltage using a multimeter.

It is true that your body voltage reading drops however, you are actually increasing your exposure as more EMF is passing THROUGH you.

Imagine sitting on a chair next to a lamp that is switched on.

If you place an earthing mat underneath you, without changing anything else, your body voltage reading would drop.

But, you haven't changed anything, so the EMF has not lessened. It is still the same.

Now, instead of finding another way to earth, the fields will distort to pass through you and through the earthing mat to earth or ground.

So, what you have done by using an earthing mat is INCREASED YOUR EMF EXPOSURE.

What Can You Do Instead?

The very best thing that you can do is to get rid of the source of the EMF. The simplest way to do this is to turn off and unplug appliances that are not in use.

Apart from this, avoid spending time in the electromagnetic fields. Move the power cords away from where you are sitting, move your bed far away from the smart meter… Constant exposure to EMF can be a factor in the development of electrical hypersensitivity – and environmental sensitivity.

In terms of earthing (or grounding) safely, these are safer options.

1. Head to the beach, the park or your own garden… Take off your shoes and stand barefoot on the earth. Be mindful of what is near you, especially if you are in your garden – make sure that the hot water system or smart meter is not nearby, leave your phone and other devices inside…

2. Standing on a piece of aluminium foil short circuits the charges that you have accumulated – according to Dave Stetzer – a leader and expert in the field of dirty electricity.

My advice?

Spend time in nature without devices… enjoy the tranquility of it all.