Yuzu Hand Sanitiser by Perfect Potion

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Yuzu Hand Sanitiser has been formulated by Perfect Potion and made here in Australia.

It provides the perfect mix of all natural, essential oil boosted and no sticky residue.

NOTE: this product contains alcohol, so is shipped by road only, not by air.

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What I love about Yuzu Hand Sanitiser

Yuzu Hand Sanitiser - what’s not to love?

Firstly, it’s made by Perfect Potion (the aromatherapy company of Salvatore Battaglia, my aromatherapy hero). Therefore, I know it was formulated with care, integrity and high quality ingredients.

Secondly, it is alcohol-based but is also supercharged with the addition of essential oils. 

Thirdly, there’s no sticky residue.

For me, this is the perfect Hand Sanitiser. I just love it - and get through a ton of it when I take my parents (in their 90s) out. 🙂

What is it?

This is 50ml of Hand Sanitiser in a recyclable PET spray bottle.

Yuzu Hand Sanitiser contains: ethanol (plant-derived) 80% w/v, aqua, glycerin (vegetable derived), citrus limon (lemon†) peel oil, citrus junos (yuzu) peel oil, citrus paradisi (pink grapefruit) peel oil, limonene*

*Natural constituents of the essential oils

†From organic agriculture

The essential oils play many roles. The yuzu is so vibrant, lemon purifying and grapefruit uplifting. Together they ensure that Hand Sanitiser has a bright, fresh, and pure aroma that awakens the mind and lifts the spirit.

How do I use my Yuzu Hand Sanitiser?

Simply spray it onto your hands, rub all surfaces of your hands to coat them until it dries.

I keep it handy in my pocket so I can keep clean whenever I feel the need.

However, whenever I can wash my hands with soap and water, I do this, too. I think we're all aware by now that washing your hands is the best way to clean them.