Air Purifier – 4-stage

This is an advanced air-purifier from Winix Zero 4-stage.

This air purifier will improve the air quality in the home, office or medical premises by cleaning out the airborne pollutants like mould spores, dust and dust mite (along with their allergenic faeces), pollens, smoke, pet dander, odours, chemicals & gases, as well as viruses and bacteria.

This is perfect for smoke haze and other pollutants.

(NOTE if you have a dampness and/or mould issue, this won’t solve it, but will help to keep the air clean.)

PLEASE NOTE when you are ordering, be sure to leave instructions for when if you are not home when it is delivered, eg “Authority to leave if unattended” or “Leave on verandah out of sight” or similar. *Cannot be delivered to a PO Box/Post Office*

A  missed delivery incurs a re-delivery fee – which can be avoided by providing these instructions when ordering.

NOTE: additional freight charges may apply for regional and remote areas. These will be calculated after ordering, and we will contact you with the cost.

Air Purifier - 4-stage - Why I Love It

This is a great product especially for rooms up around 38.2 m2 and if you don’t have pets. However, if you have a large space to filter and/or pets, here is the 5-stage option.

The Air Purifier - 4-stage is easy to maintain, and its sensor lights tell you when to change filters - which is roughly every year.

I really like that it is a "set and forget" unit. What this means is that you plug it in, turn it on, choose your settings, and you are good to go.

So easy to use, cheap to run, quiet, and inexpensive to maintain.

It is a straightforward air purifier that doesn’t have a smart phone app - so won't contribute to EMF smog. This is something that is really important to consider.

On that note, please be sure to keep the cable away from where people spend time. This is the same for any appliance.

What is it?

About the Air Purifier 4-Stage

Here are the details on this great unit.

  • Lightweight and easy to move from room to room
  • PlasmaWave TM technology - neutralises pollutants with positive and negative ions (no harmful ozone)
  • Australian certified H13 True HEPA filter
  • Activated carbon filter - removes chemical vapours and odours
  • Sensors allow it to be responsive to air quality
  • 4 fan speeds, with a "set and forget" auto mode
  • Sleep Mode means that it operates more quietly and its lights are dimmed
  • Energy efficient
  • Full 2-year replacement warranty within Australia

About the 4-Stage Filter

  • True HEPA filter rated H13; and
  • Activated Carbon Filter

It is recommended that the Filters are replaced annually, noting that it may be necessary to replace it more often in more contaminated environments. These could include: podiatrist, hair salon, nail salon, home that has just been painted, and so on.

If you are using this as a band-aid in a mouldy environment, please change the filters more often. As well, you will need to replace them before taking the unit to a new environment, and look at having the Air Purifier cleaned professionally to prevent cross-contamination.

Air Purifier 4-Stage Specifications

  • Dimensions: 380 (w) x 208 (d)  x 600 (h) mm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Noise level: 27/47 dBA

How to Use It

Be aware that the size it services is not the total size of a floor plan - it is to do with open spaces. 

Place the air purifier somewhat centrally in a room as this will allow air to be drawn in from all around and cleaned. They are not designed to be squished into a corner.

It does come with a detailed manual.

Use it wherever you are - move it from the living room to the bedroom. 

I recommend that you run this for a few hours in the bedroom of someone who is sensitive. Then keep it on overnight in Sleep Mode - keeping cables away from the bed.


If this one doesn't quite meet your needs, then head over to AusClimate to order from their range. Be sure to use coupon code: ECOHEALTHSOLUTIONS to get 5% off their already discounted range.

Additional information

Air Purifier 4-Stage

Air Purifier 4-stage, Replacement Filter 4-stage


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