Lead and Sound Healing

Lead and Sound Healing

Written by Lucinda Curran

15 December 2021

Lead and Sound Healing – Let's talk about the “unexpected” link.

(As well, this may help to explain why I now include Sound Healing in my services.)

Lead and other heavy metals can be taken up and stored in the body. 

Source of lead include paint, solder in pipes, ceiling dust, and more! So, it really is so ubiquitous in our environment.

Lead can lead to all sorts health problems…

And we see an array of health issues come about as we age, and this can be due our bones becoming more porous, and therefore stored lead and other toxicants can be released…

Lead is implicated in lowered IQ, fertility issues and the “diseases of ageing.”

I was pondering this as I was deciding what my entry into this year's Volcano Art Prize (hosted by The Lead Education and Abatement Design (LEAD) Group Inc. and Lead-Safe World) – a competition that endeavours to spread lead-safe messages through art.

So what's the link between Lead and Sound Healing?

We have all been exposed to lead (and other toxicants) in our lifetimes.

Our bodies store many of these toxicants… until it can naturally detoxify.

Stress impairs our ability to detoxify.

So, since Sound Healing triggers relaxation, this can result in lowered stress levels.

This in turn frees up the body to detoxify. 

Which can all result in lowering our toxic load – and this could include lead.

So, my entry for the Volcano Art Prize focused on this.

And it was one of the winning entries. 

Here's the mug with the photo I entered and the lead-safe message.

Check out this short explanation…

lead safety

And just for fun! 😉

A big thanks to The LEAD Group, and in particular Elizabeth O'Brien for her amazing work in this area.

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Lucinda Curran is very knowledgeable and thorough and I know I can always rely on her expertise.

I would highly recommend Eco Health Solutions to anyone who cares about their health and environment.


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