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Written by Lucinda Curran

26 April 2021

Discover Our Featured Businesses

Just recently, I ran a competition in my free Facebook group – Healthy (and Safe) Living.

The prize was worth almost $2800!!!

Each of the following businesses donated a product or service that formed this massive prize –

Which was won by one lucky person!

A Big Thanks to these Businesses

These featured businesses were carefully selected by me as they all align closely with Eco Health Solutions values –

And/or offer something that is promotes better health.

Please support them by using their services or products.

kelly & windsor featured businesses

Kelly & Windsor

Kelly & Windsor have been making luxurious alpaca bedding here in Australia for 20 years! 

The prize which they are sharing is a $250 voucher – so you can choose from their online store.

This prize is perfect for you because –

Unlike wool that needs to be chemically treated, alpaca is free from chemicals, non allergenic and durable.

Their products are truly luxurious – and assist with getting a good night’s sleep…

Which is so important in supporting health and healing.

merge health featured businesses

Merge Health

Merge Health is a clinic that offers both conventional and complementary therapies to help clients overcome health obstacles.

Merge Health’s Patient Advocate, Sarah Bakker is sharing a Wellness Kickstarter valued at $200.

This prize is perfect for you because –

The team at Merge Health are well aware of the ways in which our environments can impact upon our health.

This is a great first step to regaining your health.

miche meizner featured businesses

Miché Meizner

Miché Meizner is a transformational coach and energy healer focused on helping people achieve deep self-love and…

Discover their super powers.

The prize that she is sharing is a Cosmic Attunement & Realignment Session valued at $495USD (which is about $650AUD)

This prize is perfect for you because –

Even environmental stressors can throw us out of whack.

Realignment allows for natural processes to take place.

Earth Mother Sound Healing is about supporting wellbeing on all levels by bringing everything back into synch with sound healing instruments.

The prize that is being shared is an online group session for you and your friends – valued at $250.

This prize is perfect for you because –

Stress (emotional AND environmental) can wreak havoc with our health.

Sound Healing sessions trigger the relaxation response…

Allowing the body to heal on many levels.


ultimate balance coaching featured businesses

Ultimate Balance Coaching

Ultimate Balance Coaching is founded by Naisse Dermott.

She works with female entrepreneurs and committed women to make quantum leaps in their results by converting thinking into results.

The prize that she is sharing is a private Coaching session on how to set a worth goal and achieve it – which is valued at $500

This prize is perfect for you because –

When you have a clearly defined goal, it is so much more achievable. 

And when you achieve your goal,

You know you can achieve even more.

ausclimate featured businesses


Ausclimate provides top-quality air purifiers and dehumidifiers for a cleaner, dryer and healthier indoor environment.

This prize is a Compact 4 Stage Air Purifier valued at $349.

This prize is perfect for you because –

Indoor air can be up to 10x more polluted than outdoor air –

And in my professional opinion, an air purifier is a necessity in our modern world.


au naturel featured businesses

Au Naturel Cleaning Services

Au Naturel Cleaning Services was developed to meet the needs of Jessica Colman’s son who has eczema, asthma and severe dust mite allergy.

Au Naturel is a natural yet effective formula that cleans and sanitises all surfaces in a home…

With a fresh scent (from essential oils) –

And it won’t leave behind nasty chemicals. 

This prize is a Complete Bundle valued at $50

This prize is perfect for you because –

A clean home is so important for health. 

And clean products (ie chemical-free) are essential to caring for our planet and everything on it.

hysteric fairy fine art featured businesses

Hysteric Fairy Fine Art

Hysteric Fairy Fine Art is owned by artist Jennie Culic –

Who describes her work as whimsical, colourful and spontaneous.

Jennie’s first love and passion is painting but she has also fallen in love with fused and flameworked art glass. 

The prize that she is sharing is a “Fun with Fusing” Class for you and a friend, which is valued at $250.

This prize is perfect for you because –

Not only is it fun,

But expressing yourself through art can really shift things on so many levels.


experts together featured businesses

Experts Together

Experts Together was founded by Kyle Moss – a Joyful Mindset Coach.

She provides vibrant mindset coaching & consulting services for ambitious women seeking to live with more clarity, confidence, and daily contentment –

No matter what their circumstances.

The prize being shared is a 1-hour Joy Mindset Coaching session valued at $250 

This prize is perfect for you because –

Having a joyful mindset (or lifestyle) can powerfully transform your life.

eco health solutions featured businesses

Eco Health Solutions

Eco Health Solutions helps people to maintain their health –

By identifying and eliminating hidden health hazards…

Such as mould, EMF/EME, allergens, heavy metals and more.

The prize being shared is a 1-month Trial Membership of Detox Your Environment Inner Circle for you and a friend – valued at $394.

This prize is perfect for you because –

You will get support and guidance on how to detoxify your home to ensure that your home supports your health… 

What’s more, you can do it with a friend!


Discover how to WFH without adversely affecting your healthy home.

Working From Home Guide: Boost Health, Productivity & Focus © Eco Health Solutions
dealing with mould

Lucinda Curran is very knowledgeable and thorough and I know I can always rely on her expertise.

I would highly recommend Eco Health Solutions to anyone who cares about their health and environment.

~ Elena

Healthy Homes 101 Checklist © Eco Health Solutions
Meet Lucinda Curran

Meet Lucinda Curran

Founder & Indoor Environmental Health Consultant

After becoming extremely unwell due to environmental stressors, Lucinda set about learning everything she could to empower others to protect their health.

Outside of work, you can find her relaxing with her husband and 2 Skye terriers in nature, and caring for wildlife.


This guide reveals some little-known that are found in many houses.

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