Managing Mould

Managing Mould

Written by Lucinda Curran

18 February 2020

Managing #mould. It’s everywhere, so how?

Managing mould doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

Managing Mould At Your Place

Since mould is a moisture issue, we are going to focus on moisture.

Moisture can come from weather-events, building-related issues and occupant activity. Today, we are going to focus on occupant activity – this is what you do within your “four walls.”

My top 5 sources of increased moisture include:

  1. Bathing – showering or bathing
  2. Using the clothes dryer
  3. Hanging laundry inside
  4. Cooking, especially with gas 
  5. Breathing

These are all regular events in most households, so what can you do?

The first step is to monitor the levels of relative humidity (RH) to help keep mould at bay. The ideal range is between 45-55% RH. 

To understand more about humidity, please read this post.

A simple and inexpensive way to monitor RH is with a hygrometer – you can get a simple one here

Some Simple Steps

Based on my top sources of moisture, managing mould can be done simply and easily by following these seven simple steps.

  1. Use the extractor fans when bathing, cooking or doing the laundry
  2. Dry your laundry outside
  3. If you do have to use a dryer, vent the dryer to the exterior
  4. Make sure you use the extractor fan every time you cook. If you don’t have one, then open windows to all for cross-ventilation
  5. Open your windows and doors! It can take as few as TWO MINUTES to exchange the air in your home. It is essential to do this as often as possible – at least 6 times day
  6. Consider a dehumidifier (especially if your extractor fans vent to the ceiling void, and not outside)
  7. Consider an air purifier to help to keep the air clean

If you would like to explore this further and get my advice,
then book a Virtual Indoor Environmental Health Assessment here.

Lucinda Curran is very knowledgeable and thorough and I know I can always rely on her expertise.

I would highly recommend Eco Health Solutions to anyone who cares about their health and environment.


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