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Our modern lives are filled with things that make our tasks easier, we don’t have to put up with unsightly wires, we can get a tan in a salon, and we can spray on and wipe off dirt in our homes.

There are many aspects of our modernity that have not been proven to be safe – for human use, in our environments, and for our planet.

Often it takes a while for problems to develop, thus PROVING something IS UNSAFE is not always appropriate, hence the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE.

Endocrine Disruptors – What are they?

The endocrine system is the hormone system – it regulates our development, the way we cope in the world, our ability to heal and more.

BPA was one such chemical that hit the headlines in the last few years.

BPA is one of many endocrine disruptors.

The World Health Organisation has recognised them as possible or known carcinogens… but there is more to life that having or not having cancer. If our hormones are interfered with during pregnancy, we may or may not develop normally.

For many years now, animals  have been studied in the wild, and it has been noticed that an alarming number of males of many species does not develop properly… and this applies to humans.

You can watch more in this documentary by #StephaneHorel


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