Close Your Windows During Peak Hour

Avoid Traffic-Related Air Pollution: Close Your Windows in Peak Hours

When there’s traffic, I want you to close your windows!

If you have been following me for a while, I am sure you will have heard me carry on about opening your windows and exchanging the air.

While I 100% stand by this, I do want to put a caveat on it.

If you live near a busy road OR you live close to a school OR you get heavy traffic around your home at certain times, then please don’t open your windows.

I know that sounds obvious… but sometimes the obvious needs to be stated.

There are many noxious gases in exhaust fumes, including the deadly carbon monoxide.

So, if there is a busy time for traffic near your home, be sure to close the windows to keep these fumes out.

Interested in reading more about Traffic-Related Air Pollutants and how they affect us? Click here.


Are You One of those Lucky People Who has a Garage?

Ahh, a garage… The convenience of unloading the shopping and taking it from the garage into the house is bliss…

Not having to race from the house to the car in the rain because of the door in between… priceless!

But, the pollutants from our cars are vast. There are the deadly fumes, the particulate matter (airborne particles) and then there is lead from our old leaded petrol.

Although the door between the house and the garage is luxurious, I am going to encourage you NOT to use it – and instead create an airtight seal around it to prevent contaminating your home.

Unless it is airtight, it is vital that you NEVER, not ever, idle the car in the garage.

Take care – lives are worth gambling.

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