Cell/Mobile Phone Safety Reminders

Cell/Mobile Phone Safety Reminders

This won’t be new to most of you Eco Health Solutions community members, but reminders about mobile phone safety can never go astray! It is also good information for newbies to the topic.

This was listed out in the California Department of Public Health’s website with regards to cell/mobile phone safety:

  • Keeping the phone away from the body
  • Reducing cell phone use when the signal is weak
  • Reducing the use of cell phones to stream audio or video, or to download or upload large files
  • Keeping the phone away from the bed at night
  • Removing headsets when not on a call
  • Avoiding products that claim to block radio frequency energy.

Part of the EMF Puzzle

Cell/Mobile Phones emit radiofrequency EMF (on which wireless technology is based. This is a recognised possible human carcinogen (recognised by IARC in 2011.)

But this is just one type of the EMF puzzle.

It is also important to reduce your exposure to other types of EMF, such as

  1. Radiofrequency EMF
  2. AC magnetic fields
  3. AC electric fields and
  4. Dirty electricity

Read more here to discover WHY it is so important to assess all four…

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… and in France

France will ban cell phones in schools for children up to 15 years old

The minister, Jean-Michel Blanquer, is calling it a “matter of public health.”

“These days the children don’t play at break time anymore, they are just all in front of their smartphones and from an educational point of view that’s a problem.”

Read about it here.

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