What is in My Water?

What is in my Drinking Water?

There are so many ways that our drinking water can become contaminated – which is why it is important to have a good quality water filter.

Firstly, much of our drinking water gets treated. Some of this is really important – like chlorine to prevent bug-growth in our water. That said, we don’t want to be drinking it!

Then there are other additives to clean the water… and often there is a degree of residue…

Then there is the addition of fluoride (in many parts of Australia).

This is highly controversial and I am NOT of the opinion that we should be consuming it at all!

Then there is the pipes that the water travels in – all in various states of decay. This photo of a pipe is one I took outside my house when they replaced the cement-lined asbestos pipes with polyethylene pipes. The brown marks on the road are the goop that came out.

Copper, galvanised metals or plastics… none are great choices. Many have lead solder… and on it goes.


So, I say, get yourself a good quality water filter and know that your water is safe to drink!

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