Fungi and Mould

Written by Lucinda Curran

3 November 2017

Some Fungi I Spotted While Doing A Mould Assessment

This fabulous fungi growing when I was conducting a mould assessment.

Mould and fungi are amazing, natural and important. 

BUT we don’t want them growing in our homes.


When should you be concerned?

  • if you see visible mould growth
  • perhaps you can smell a mouldy/musty/earthy smell
  • or you have had water damage that wasn’t fully dried within 48 hours

You may even have issues with a brand new build. This is an issue that I have seen time and time again – even in places that have not been lived in yet!

Research done by the University of Tasmania found that the first winter can result in significant issues with mould in certain types of buildings.

It is essential to not only identify that there is a problem but also to…

Investigate the causes. Mould is a moisture issue.

Moisture can come from external sources, such as leaks, flooding or burst pipes.

It can come from internal sources – mostly related to occupant activity. Occupant activity that creates moisture can be anything from the use of heating and cooling systems, to bathing, cooking, cleaning, laundering… and even just breathing!

The first steps in addressing mould are to address the cause of the moisture – so this information is invaluable.

This sort of information cannot be gleaned by a swiffer test cloth or a “bulk” sample taken from multiple locations.

If you’d like to get my advice on this, let’s have a chat about it on a Hidden Hazards Hotline call.


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dealing with mould

Lucinda Curran is very knowledgeable and thorough and I know I can always rely on her expertise.

I would highly recommend Eco Health Solutions to anyone who cares about their health and environment.

~ Elena

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Meet Lucinda Curran

Meet Lucinda Curran

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After becoming extremely unwell due to environmental stressors, Lucinda set about learning everything she could to empower others to protect their health.

Outside of work, you can find her relaxing with her husband and 2 Skye terriers in nature, and caring for wildlife.


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