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Leak: What Do You Do When You Discover One?

What Do You Do When You Discover a Leak?

A leak may be a tap, a water pipe, the roof, a window…

Whatever causes water to come into your home, you need to act quickly.


Because mould spores are everywhere, and they need moisture to proliferate. A leak one of the many forms of water damage. Water damaged buildings are of great concern due to the impact that they can have on health, particularly in a sensitive individual.


  1. Fix the leak/hole/pipe
  2. Dry everything within 48 hours
  3. Monitor it to make sure it stays fixed

I also recommend that you create a regular maintenance schedule so that you can keep an eye on things.

Old leaks can still be a source of problems, particularly to those who are sensitive or sensitised to mould.

At Eco Health Solutions, we pride ourselves on our thorough assessments of homes and workplaces. Check out what other people have to say about our thorough investigation of leaks, water damage, mould and all other factors in the built environment that may impact on health.